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WARNING! This weekend, the police are actively managed by the police if you respect three important rules


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Traffic police, the so-called "hooks", in addition to speed on the highway will be more aggressive and connect the rear seat belt seat passengers.

a major new campaign of MUP begins this weekend, which will include regional and trunk roads along the highway, and the punishment will be fined for speeding, burdening belt and inconsistency vehicles, RTS reports.

Such an evaluation can sometimes give a three-digit number, so the drivers and their companions would have to respect the law is good.

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Since the beginning of the tourist season as of June 1, 90 people were killed in Serbia. This is 43% more than last year during the same period.

In 14 days in June, 16 people were killed, including one child, who is not tied to a fault in the vehicle. Experts warn that the road does not pass without preparation, as travel by road can be dangerous if we do not follow the rules.

Most are dead, because they were not connected

Most people have been killed because they were not tied to the belt.

Even 70 percent of the passengers are not using safety belts in the back seat, and nearly 20 percent do not get attached to the driver and front passenger.

In addition, children who are in long journeys, especially on the highway, go without a belt, and there have been cases of killings of children as a driver of traffic accidents.

– Last year in the more than 700 people were injured during traffic, and, unfortunately, four people were killed. So, dear parents, regardless of whether the child has transferred to a children's garden, which is located 100 meters from the house, or you will ride 1,000 kilometers, the child should always be safe, that is, the seat belt "- said Damir Akanovich with security Committee. traffic.

MUP says that from now on they will intercept, not to control the speed, check the connection of the belt on the highway in the back seat.

The penalty for such violations of children who have no relation to two years, up to 20 thousand dinars.


Another serious & # 39; oznay problem, which experts say, with the & # 39 is the inability to keep the distance between the vehicles on the highway, which should be between you and the vehicle in front of you. With a speed of 100 kilometers per hour meter 84 is sufficient to stop.

– People travel much safer. If an accident occurs on the highway, this is usually the accident vehicles such as 200, 300, and at least 10 vehicles in a row, because drivers do not expect such an action of the vehicle in front of them – said the expert on traffic. Milan Vuzhan.

An experienced driver so tired that a week before the season was written 23,000 violations.

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