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What happens in the body when you start eating them! • HAPPYTV.RS


SECOND DAY cloves do wonders: What happens in the body when you start eating them!

Carnation unopened buds pink fragrant evergreen trees, cloves from Indonesia. They & # 39 is one of the most popular spices in the world. The annex to the sweet taste, which give the food to be added, clove is known for its medicinal properties.

Strengthening the immune system

Clove is one of the best products for immunity by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body that helps fight infection. And all this is due to vitamin C that contains.

improves digestion

Carnation can be used as a medicine for digestive system, since it increases the secretion of digestive enzymes. They also reduce nausea. Not to mention the fact that the stud is full of fiber, which improves the health of digestion and prevent constipation. The best way to treat digestive problems will be consumed in the form of powder or baked in honey.

Reset your toothache

This spice has a local analgesic properties. If you have a toothache, set Clove over the teeth that hurt you eliminate discomfort until you get to the dentist.

– Contribute liver health

The liver is responsible for detoxification of our bodies and metabolism of drugs that we take. Eugenol present in clove oil improves liver function.

Help to reduce pain and inflammation in the body

Eugenol also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. One way to make sure that you use this spice as a means of headache. You can do this one of two ways: use them or use at the local level.

If you want to consume them, you can mix the powder and cloves in a glass of milk and drink to relieve a headache. If you want to use it in place, you can omit the slices in coconut oil and massage the part between the forehead and the ears to relieve pain.

They are good for the bones and joints

Cloves contain certain elements, such as flavonoids, manganese and eugenol, improve bone and joint health. These substances increase bone density, they are involved in the formation of bone tissue and convey healthy minerals in the bones.

They possess antibacterial properties

A study conducted at the University of Buenos Aires held a carnation against some suras & # 39; oznyh bacteria such as E. coli staphylococci. Studies have shown that clove oil, and effectively destroys bacteria. There's even a recipe for an herbal mouthwash with tea tree oil, clove and basil. According to the Department of Periodontology Universiteit Leuven Belgium, it is natural mouthwash can improve gum health and to reduce the amount of bacteria and tartar in the mouth after being used only 21 days.

– They are full of antioxidants

Carnation number one and the most powerful source of polyphenols. Polyphenols from & # 39 are trace elements, which absorb when we eat the plants. They have great benefits for our body: lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, improve the function and flexibility of the arteries and increases life expectancy.

– I can help regulate blood sugar levels

Karanflići ideal for people with blood sugar problems, like diabetes, because they act as insulin in the body. They help to export surplus sugar from the blood into the cells, to restore the balance and blood sugar under control.

– inhibits blood clotting

It is known that the eugenol contained in the cloves slows blood clotting. Just keep in mind that it can be difficult to interact with blood thinners.

Consultation with a physician is necessary before starting to introduce more cloves in your diet.

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