Animated videos “Stories of Electronics” from Samsung are provided as a great way to sleep

wants to teach you the history of electronics history until you can sleep long enough to sit through boring lessons. Through it, the company releases five animated videos about inventions that have shaped society. If for the first episode all the same, they too can be carried to a category of means of a dream.

The premiere of the series delves into the history of telecommunications, starting with how it paved the way for new innovations such as smartphones, 3G, and 4G (do you believe me?). The tone and narrative are dry in the Atacama Desert. Even the title of the series evokes melatonin: “The history of the electronics industry that changed the world.”

There is no denying the importance of the Morse code, including how it helped save the lives of many who were able to send an SOS message when in danger. But Samsung could present the story much more interestingly. As far as it’s worth, the episode is educational. But if you’re going to create a video in which “some aspects have been invented,” at least make it fun.

Upcoming contributions will include John Logie Baird TV, phone inventor Alexander Graham Bell, James Harrison and William Shockley refrigerator and semiconductor. They may be more convincing, but it’s hard to imagine anyone excitedly throwing a telegram to a friend about it.

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