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Apple News + calls for the removal of friction for the readers


Apple's, introduced a swathe of new services headlining Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and other celebrities earlier this week.

It was the first time in the 43-year history that the main Apple event passed without a single hardware is now open.

History will look back at this inflection point, describing it as another quantum leap forward for Apple's, or a major strategic setback.

Most importantly for me, a lot of rumors Apple News + Service was finally opened. For news readers, that means catching up on the latest information just a click away.

Nevertheless, some of the articles in depth still behind a paywall. It is not possible to subscribe to all the magazines and newspapers that I want to read.

So I still have a digital subscription to Wired, Vanity Fair, Business Week, Fortune, Time and The New York Times. In general, they cost about $ 400 (S $ 540) a year.

Now the company Apple News +, for US $ 9,99 (about S $ 14) per month, or about $ 119 (S $ 161) a year, I can read all these magazines for The New York Times, with the exception, but this later.

There are savings of about S $ 380 per year. A real bonus, I have access to some 300 other titles, many of which are behind a paywall.

I get Runners World, Real Simple, The New Yorker, Fast Company, National Geographic, Vogue, People, of Oxygen, Captain Marvel, Food & Wine, Harpers Bazaar, popular science, tennis, Scientific American. You get the idea.

If I were to subscribe to all the magazines 300, I would have to pay US $ 8,000 per year. Names do offer free content, but really interesting articles, as a rule, with & # 39; appear in journals that require a subscription.

Some names have Freemium model, namely a number of articles for free in a month, after which the subscription is required. Most of the care for as long as you click to open the article, you are considered consumed one of Q number of free stories allowed.

with a
consumer point of view, News + provides an attractive service because it does
away with friction without being able to access content that I actually
interested in.

It acts as sold in the United States and Canada, as well as in other countries, the service will soon be available as a pre-loaded app in every iPhone.

Many people here in Singapore have a US account ITunes, which allows them to subscribe to the news Apple +. However, Apple is silent about the service will be available in Singapore.

What do you get virtual newsstand, where you can scan headlines at the moment of capture the reader's interest. It also offers personalization, so you get the contents on the topics that matter to you.

Buffet style service with a & # 39 is attractive. I can not afford to subscribe to many magazines, just read selectively story here and there.

Thus, the monthly fee to get access to all the content I want to call. News Apple + make news that Spotify and Netflix made music for television and cinema.

The idea to Apple, and other companies, these platforms for a wide range of content for a low monthly price.

So that new News +?

To be fair, all you can with the & # 39; there is no coffee service with the & # 39 are new. There Magzter Gold and Readly, each priced at $ 9.99 per month. Each of them offers access to more than 3,000 journals.

Then there's the Kindle Unlimited, which for $ 9.90 per month gives you free access to over a million Kindle titles, including e-books, audio books and magazines.

Trying to strengthen their subscription, I tried Magzter gold, but ultimately disappointing. For $ 9.90 per month the United States, it is the surface of the local and regional magazines, including the different language versions, as the Spanish, if I am only interested in global English editions.

Some titles also offer its current edition. Some of them were retrospectively September last year. I canceled the subscription.

As a member of the prime minister's Kindle & # 39; er, I have access to nearly 1,000 free ebooks, audio books and magazines. But not all the latest blockbusters books I want to read are available. Logs do not include those that I care about.

These services also have a limited search and curation of articles that are available in the News +, which steps up the competition using your design and experience of AI.

The attempt on his IPad and on a Mac, I can say that the user experience is unique. I like the animated cover, individual photos and infographics.

You can search across multiple titles. Shipping efforts within and between logs.

Dynamic models can be easily adapted to the IPAD, iPhone and Mac. However, I do not like magazines on the iPhone. Even with iPhone XS Max, the screen is too small to enjoy reading the magazine.

Service recommends content
I would like, even if they do, I usually do not read magazines. new issues
when released automatically downloaded for offline reading.

News + still have a big piece missing: newspapers. Only three major newspapers – The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and the Toronto Star – available.

Maybe the discussion to offer other newspapers are still going on. Currently, Apple is not completely can be called a digital newsstand just yet.

Then there is the issue of privacy. There is not much concern locally about the personal data that are going to major technology companies. But I am worried, I do not want to track is my personal data to monetize other company.

News & highlights particular, as well as new services are launched by Apple on March 25 there will not be any of the & # 39; ads. Marketers can not use your usage pattern for keeping track of what I read and send me relevant ads, according to Apple.

From the news publishing industry and the prospects for technologies, there are many problems, one of which with a & # 39 is the fact that Apple does not make a lot of News +. At a basic level, it is still gallery journals and publications, albeit with improved presentation and ease of use.

Another problem is that reading magazines on your tablet or Mac is good but quite a horrible experience on the iPhone.

I would like to see as the next step, Apple being able to present a newsstand with a figure first approach, looking up from the gallery as the model associated with the industry for decades. Hopefully that will be soon.

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