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Black hole jets spitting out rays like a strange top





2019 was big for black holes. To begin with, we I saw one for the first timeWe also found 83 of them on the edge of our universe, Do not worry.

Now, recent research has revealed much more about the Var & # 39; Jacek dense, space-time bending the bad boys of the universe. Get this: while most black holes are believed to be "back" (because of cosmic dust and gas in the orbital motion around a black hole), scientists have discovered a black hole, which makes things a little differently.

V404 Cygni with & # 39 is a binary system in Suzorye & # 39; and Cygnus. At its center is a black hole, which is currently in the process of absorption of low-mass stars near.

Astronomers from the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth, Western Australia said that the black hole in V404 Cygni was spitting out bright beams of jets of matter into space. This is relatively normal, that it was not a normal direction of the case had been sprayed. As a result of the way black holes normally rotate, the matter tends to be sprayed in the same direction. This time it was sprayed from different angles. The Jets appear to rotate quickly.

You can see it visualized in the animation below. Conclusion: This black hole is spinning a little differently than the rest.

"This is one of the most unusual black hole systems I've ever come across," explained Associate Professor James Miller-Jones, lead author of a study recently published in Nature.

"How many black holes, it feeds the adjacent star, pulling gas from the star and forming a disc from material which surrounds the black hole and spirals thereto by gravity.

"What has changed in V404 Cygni with & # 39 is that we believe that the material disk and black hole uneven.

"This appears to cause the inside of the disc to wobble like a top and fire jets in different directions, as it changes the orientation."

Think of a black hole in V404 Cygni as a giant, consuming light Beyblade, which begins to run out of juice. It is no longer rotates right, it swings around.

You can read more about breaking open land here on ICRAR official website.

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