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Celebrating the National Day bubble tea with treats "tea-rrific», Singapore News & Breaking News


Singapore – Looming black clouds and the threat of rain did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of hundreds of people waiting patiently in the biggest bubble tea giveaway in Singapore on Tuesday (April 30).

Housewife Carol Tan, 40, was near the end of the line with her five-year-old daughter, but they are not worried about the prospect of a long wait until they have received their free pleasure.

"My daughter loves bubble tea, especially pearls. It is more bubble tea fan than me, "said Ms. Tang, who made his way to the give-away outside the bustling One Raffles Place after receiving her daughter from school.

Consultant Glenys Yin, 26, who stood in line for about an hour, said bubble tea to her "go to" drink in wet weather & # 39; e.

An event to celebrate the National Day of bubble tea was organized by the bubble tea chain Gong Cha and meal delivery service Deliveroo, which on & # 39; joining forces to do free drinks by 3.5 m high bubble tea cup.

Singaporeans ordered 385000 cups of tea bubble Deliveroo in 2018, noted the company.

About 5,000 cups were given a one-day event on Tuesday, while the first 450 people in line got a free multiple complex cups.

And everyone who received the drink got bamboo straws in a gesture for the environment.

The first arrivals were Mr. Tan Kiat Ann, senior manager of an insurance agency, and his daughter, Joy, 24, and Joel, 21.

"We share the same love for the drink, and it's a good time to get together," said Mr Tan, who added that his family & # 39; i n & # 39; e bubble tea at least once a week.

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