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Digital news are super-humans


Elon Musk to submit a plan of the human brain with computers

"This is a very good goal – to cure major diseases and, ultimately, help to ensure the future of humanity as a civilization in relation to II of", – said Musk.

He said that Neuralink implant has been successfully tested in monkeys in the UCLA laboratory.

"The monkey was able to control your computer with his brain, just FYI", – said Musk, surprising Neuralink President during the session "Questions and Answers".

Experts are still cautious about the vision of & # 39; unity of minds with a super-power.

Description Mask "is really the desire for something very far", – said the assistant professor of the University of Southern California biology professor Andrew Hayrs.

"It is unclear when we get to that stage."

Neuralink introduced a tiny sensor with thin hair strands that could be implanted in the brain of a small incision robot, constructed for high precision.

"Ultimately, we can do a full brain-machine interface" – Musk said.

"To achieve a kind of symbiosis with the help of artificial intelligence."

Now, the goal is that people with implants led smartphone with the idea, but the technology could eventually be extended to other devices, such as robotic arms.

Early attention to – is to use technology to solve a brain disease and paralysis, but the longer goal – to make the implants as safe, reliable and simple that they can be an option for people who want to improve brain processing power, according Neuralink team.

"It's not like suddenly Neuralink & # 39; will be in this incredible cord neurons, and it will start to capture the minds of people," – cried Musk.

"It takes a lot of time and you will see that it is."

Musk said that the goal is to add implantation, reinforcing the brain, just a simple procedure such as laser eye surgery.

the mystery of the mind

Among those who saw bar & # 39; EASURES was David Schneider, Professor of Neural Science Center in New York.

The main limitation with the & # 39 is that an array of brain areas involved in the execution of tasks, and implants – one part.

AI solves Rubik's Cube for the first time without human help

"At the end of the day, everything that we do, no matter how simple it may seem – is the distribution function of the brain," – said Schneider.

According to the researchers, the technology to improve reading information that comes out of the brain, improves when it comes to sending it back to all the necessary parts.

"They were humble enough to admit that their main targets were the automotive area", – said Roman Neuralink Vinzhamury Professor Stephen technology Technologies Institute.

"I was happy that they stopped there instead of saying that we will read your minds, your thoughts, your memories – if they did, I would have laughed out loud."

protect the brain

Another problem is that the implant is mozgavy body protection, who see it as a foreign material, which will be rejected.

"Tell me what Neuralink put it in person tomorrow, whether the interface will be in a year, and continue to transmit the same signals that are made on the first day?" Vinzhamury said.

A statement of standard legal acts, usually requires long-term tests on animals.

Neuralink may seek an exception for the "research unit" to try to implant in some patients with spinal cord injury or stroke.

"I do not know what I want to cut my brain with AI, and I think that many of us do," – said Schneider.

His hope is that Neuralink innovation can restore vision or cure paralysis.

Currently Musk brings energy and private investment in the field of brain implants, where researchers are working for decades with public funding.

"We need thinkers fantastic, but we also need capital and courage to invest a lot of capital in the improvement of these technologies", – said Hayrs.

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