Doctors say why vitamin P is very important for the body


Медики рассказали, почему витамин P так важен для организма  Vitamin P is important for bone health and normal immune system function.

We often hear about the benefits of vitamin C or E, but really forget about vitamin P, which is also very important for normal functioning of the body.

For the vitamin P group including a number of substances – flavonoids have the ability to reduce the permeability and fragility of capillaries.

Flavonoids help avoid diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin E can be called "substance metabolism". Promotes normal collagen production and helps keep skin smooth, bright & toned for years to come.

Recently, the University of Western Australia found that a cup of tea a day fulfills the daily needs of flavonoids.

It contains around 500 milligrams of this substance. But tea can also be replaced with a handful of blueberries or some oranges.

Scientists are very interested in learning how vitamin E affects the human body. It is estimated that the bioavailability of vitamin P is low. But after several studies, it turns out that the tea perfectly complements the flavonoid deficiency.

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