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HOURS patients be limited to 24 requirements for common diseases a year


Singapore: Patients at Community Health Assist Scheme (TIME) will from next year will be limited to a maximum of 24 visits per year in the clinic for common ailments such as colds.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday (April 30th) that the move is aimed at improving the stability of the circuit, allowing Singaporeans from households with low and middle income countries to receive subsidies for their medical and dental care in the participating clinics .

There is currently no annual limit on the total number of complaints the patient can do to treat acute diseases, although the patient is limited to four claims in the clinic in the last month.

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The new cover is unlikely to affect most patients HOURS 99.5 percent of them make less than 24 visits per year in the clinic, said the MOH, adding that the move could deter the patient from intermittent clinic.

Patients who need to make a visit more than 24 years, can put in circulation through their HOUR clinic, added MOH.

"One of the reasons why we are strengthening the foundations of HR subsidies from the & # 39 is that in addition to looking at the availability, we also look at the sustainability of subsidies," said a senior State Minister of Health Lam Ping Ming, who announced changes media event in Jurong polyclinic.

Dr Lam added that patients who make frequent visits to the clinic could potentially require specialized medical care.

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CHANGES IN ANY covered dental HOURS

There will also be amended in dental coating under an hour.

Border claims for fillings will be standardized in S $ 30 for simple procedures, and S $ 50 for the complex, for cardholders blue HOURS whose household monthly income per person is S $ 1100.

For Pioneer Generation, subsidies will be S $ 10 more for each category. Changes will take effect from 1 November.

In addition, the Ministry of Health also reported that the Merdeka generation will receive higher subsidies dental than blue card holders for HR services such as root canal treatment, and polishing dentures relining and repair.

Best practices and the utilization rate for different procedures, were included in the changes in dental grants, said Dr. Lam.

In addition, changes were made to simplify the application of the process time. Since August, the applicants only require the signatures of one person from the household, the signatures of all the members.

Since September, Singaporeans can also be used for online HOURS with their SingPass.

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