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Korean Air ceases nuts service after the flight of youth destroyed allergies


SEOUL: Korean Air Lines said on Sunday (31 March), he stopped serving peanuts as snacks to customers in response to the recent case where two teenage brothers could not get on the plane because of an allergy to peanuts.

Parents brothers told the media earlier this month that their children were removed from the flight, as the South Korean airline is unwilling to accommodate the suras & # 39; severe peanut allergy.

The brothers were traveling from Atlanta to the Philippines, but were stranded in Seoul after the Korean Air did not agree to the request to stop serving nuts around teens, because older brother has severe peanut allergy, the media, including USA Today and Good Morning America reported

Korean Air has been the history of assorted nuts in recent years, with its image tarnished by the infamous "nut rage" scandal in 2014.

The eldest daughter of chief executive Cho Yang Ho Cho, Heather, made headlines when she lost her self-control over how nuts she served in the first class and ordered the Korean Air plane to return to their gates at the airport in New York.

The shareholders of the carrier removed Cho Young-hee to his side in a landmark vote on Wednesday on the scandals that follow from the case of rage nuts. He became the first founding member of something & # 39; and any South Korean corporate giant will be forced to leave the board.

Korean Air will remove food that contains peanuts with in-flight meals for a few weeks, the company said in a statement.

"The decision on the termination of peanut products and peanut ingredients from the & # 39 is a minimum safety measure for peanut allergy passengers," he said.

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