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Liverpool boss Klopp names of its best quality as a manager


Publication date: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 11:04

Liverpool manager Klopp says his best quality as a manager to the & # 39 is that he listens and is interested in their players.

Klopp was a popular figure at all three clubs he coached until now.

German is well-liked in both Mainz and Borussia so in Germany, with Liverpool having embraced his methods since his October 2015 appointment.

Liverpool second in the table Prem & # 39; er League and face Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final of the season, which can still deliver their first trophy since 2012.

Klopp says his ability to "listen" is crucial for their entire car & # 39; EASURES, but especially with a & # 39; advent of social media during his reign Enfield.

"I've always been very interested in people, and it has never changed," he told DW Sports.

"Problems of the players have changed a lot because of social media and the like. They are under much more pressure. They are still all very young, and yet they are judged every day. It's like he has lived in a glass house, because everyone sees what you're doing, and every mistake and every failure is judged.

"If you are good, you are outstanding. If you are not so good, you are the worst in the world. There's nothing in between, no gray area – there is only black and white. The gray area has disappeared somehow.

"If you win the Champions League, you're the best in the world. If you lose it, no one cares, why. You do not even second best: you are the worst. And people who say they were never even close to any finals, but they have social media.

"I am not on social networks, so I personally did not hear what people are saying. But the players are using it, and they get all that criticism and sticks. They're fine with it. They know that everything is judged by the outside world. "

On the question of how it helps its players to solve their problems, he said, "I'm listening.

"I still have a lot of contact with my former players from the clubs, and they call me and ask for advice and ask what I think. And I'm happy to listen.

"I do not make decisions for them, but when you hear people say that they often then make a decision on their own. You only need to ask the right questions, and a person learns for himself.

"This is the best way to do it. Education never stops. "

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