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MNET in «Produce x 101" confirms the working length and more details


Mnet confirmed the length of the contract and other details of the final "Produce x 101& # 39; Group.

At a press conference «Produce x 101" on April 30th, Mnet business manager Kim Yong-Bum He confirmed the contract length in «Produce x 101" project group is 5 years. He said, "They will promote a continuous period of 2 years and a half and two and a half years after that they will be switching actions as a project team and assist with their labels."

Kim Yong Bum continues, "The reason is that, rather than the goal, to make money, CJ trying to aim high, to resolve the issues that have arisen from the idol groups Seasons 1, 2, and 3. The MyoCase «s, they disbanded after not people, even a year, and many people want to get back together. you want one It was also a global group, but there was a lot of frustration in relation to their short promotions. The truth is that supporters would like them to come back without disbanding at the end of his tour. Five years would allow it, so the band could work around the world ".

"To produce x 101" premier & # 39; Jeroham May 3 at 11 PM KST.

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