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PM Lee convene a committee to review the data security practices in the public service


Singapore: Prem & # 39; -Minister Lee Hsien Loong called a commission to conduct a comprehensive review of the data protection practices across the public service, with the conclusions and recommendations that will be presented on November 30, the Office of the Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister (PMO) announced on Sunday (31 March).

Committee of Public Sector Information Security Review will be chaired by Deputy Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security Affairs Teo Chee Heng, who is also with the & # 39 is the minister in charge of data management in the public sector.

It will also include the private sector with experience in the field of data security and technology, as well as ministers who are involved in the effort Smart Nation Singapore – Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Mr S Iswaran, Mr Chan Chun Sing and Dr. Putuchiri jan.

The Committee will consider how the government and the protection of citizens' data from end to end, including the role of merchants and other authorized third parties, according to a press release from the PMO.

She will recommend technical measures, processes and opportunities to improve the protection of such data, the government, as well as its reaction to incidents.

The Committee will also develop an action plan urgent steps and long-term measures for the implementation of these recommendations.

Throughout its work, the Committee will consult with international experts and industry officials from both the public and private sectors. The Committee will also be supported by an interagency task force, formed by civil servants.

"For many years, the government has gradually strengthened security measures to protect sensitive data," said the PMO, referring to the 2016 Internet surfing policies separation and disconnection of USB-ports from unauthorized access to the devices in 2017.

The PMO said that the government has also increased the number and type of internal IT audits to ensure access to data and data protection agency action.

"However, the Government recognizes that the recent incidents of data highlighted the need to strengthen data security policies and practices in the public sector," said the PMO.

Earlier this year, the HIV-positive status of more than 14,000 people had been leaked online, along with confidential information, their identification numbers and contact information.

The Ministry of Health has also recently been discovered a few cases in which the information was wrong IT vendors.

About 7,700 people have received inaccurate health and subsidy within the Community Heath Assist Scheme last year due to an error in the computer system.

Separately, the personal data of more than 800,000 blood donors in Singapore was put on the Internet for more than nine weeks, from 4 January until the authorities have been warned about it cybersecurity expert.

"While some agencies are investigating and taking action on specific incidents, the committee will conduct a comprehensive review and include industry and global best practices in order to enhance data security in the public sector.

"This survey will help to ensure that all institutions of the public sector to maintain the highest standards in the field of data management. This is necessary to maintain public confidence and ensure a high quality public service for our citizens through the use of data. The work of this committee will complement our efforts to achieve our vision of smart-Nation, "he added.

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