Relationships between blood pressure and crime rates were found


Найдена взаимосвязь между артериальным давлением и уровнем преступностиA large-scale study conducted in the United States.

American experts came to the conclusion that crime rates might depend on the blood pressure levels of people in certain areas.

In particular, research on this fact occurred in Chicago. This is where in the period 2015-2017 there was an outbreak of robbery, robbery and even murder. In the study agreed to participate fifty-three thousand volunteers.

Specialists found that crime rates increased where the percentage of people with high blood pressure was high (thirty-six and a half percent). In addition, the excitement about the number of criminal incidents was forced to increase the level of pressure of the rich district population by as much as five percent.

The next stage of research experts, according to them, must determine the frequency of negative incidents. The researchers also plan to establish ways to predict possible crimes.

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