Tuesday , August 3 2021

The mystery of the anomalous object & # 39 in the Baltic Sea

Disclosed the secret of abnormal & # 39; an object in the Baltic SeaScientists spoke about the real origin of wonder about the & # 39 object.

The history goes back to 2011 when a group of divers found the impressive depth of the wonder & # 39 object that even scientists can not explain. The find consisted of a disk with a diameter of 70 meters, he looked like a member of a futuristic spaceship.

To network with the wave of rumors that at the bottom of the Baltic Sea have found a UFO or the remnants of Atlantis buildings. I understand the essence of the object & # 39 just now. So, according to experts from the University of Stockholm, the item was a geological formation that has remained with the Ice Age.

A couple of years ago the Baltic Sea was covered by a glacier, which began to recede. As the waste tank of the future sea began to fill with water.

Itself an anomaly in the form of a black stone, presumably of volcanic origin, has been created by nature. Ice has formed in it a groove and a "ladder". It is possible that the discovery still has some interesting facts. According to the discoverers, close to & # 39 object refuses to work phones and other wireless devices. This is a & # 39; reality no one can explain.

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