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The risks faced by parents of older children – News


People become parents in the constantly increasing age, a trend that may have health implications for pregnant women and children, who give birth to them.

But while most women know that the reproductive risks for themselves and their children grow as they get older, some people understand that their coming year can also forgive the risk over the past 40 years.

The age at which couples are starting something & # 39; and has grown steadily over the past four decades, as more couples marry later and delay that have children.

While women usually slows down the clock in its 30th and runs down the age of 50 or so, it can go on ticking almost indefinitely to humans. Since the 1970s, the percentage of births to parents aged 40 years and older in this country doubled, and by 2015 they accounted for 9 per cent of births.

"For many years it was believed that old age is only important for women," said Hillary K. Brown, a researcher in the field of reproductive health at the University of Toronto ,. "Parental age is important as well."

A recent study published in the BMJ, more than 40.5 million births in the United States revealed a potentially dangerous consequences of extended parental age on the risk of infant prematurity, low birth weight and the risk of seizures, as well as the chances of a mother for gestational diabetes.

"There needs to be greater awareness of man's responsibility to reproductive health," said Brown, adding that the responsibility begins with "Human conception health – factors such as obesity, chronic diseases and behavior, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, which may affect the health from pregnancy. "

She added: "Despite the fact that it makes sense to delay reproduction for educational placement and the car & # 39; ernyh purposes, couples should have full access to the risks and benefits who have children now or later Age man was not typical. part of the conversation. "

In an editorial accompanying the report, Brown said that "the current findings underscore the importance of including reproductive life plans, discussion of paternal age and the decline of sperm quality."

She suggested that doctors emphasize the need for everyone of reproductive age – the future fathers and mothers alike – adhere to a healthy lifestyle that can "pay off in a number of ways, not only is a healthy pregnancy, but also in the prevention of chronic diseases. Doctors should have these conversations with people, not just women. "

Of course, it can be a significant advantage to have a child at some time in life than in their teens or 20s, maturity and financial support for parents between them. Older parents may also have more time and patience to bring up their children.

"Couples should have full access to the risks and benefits who have children now or later," said Brown.

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