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The third man in jail for understatement Scoot weight of luggage for a bribe


Three men have been jailed for bribery after a report The New Paper last year.

In a report published on July 13, said the budget airline fettered investigating allegations that the luggage-touted syndicate operating in Changi Airport.

TNP check then found that passengers with excess baggage were offered lower rates on bugs, and this has led to research on Scoot and Sats.

Yesterday, the Indian national Patel Hiteshkumar Chandubhai, 37, was jailed for eight weeks of treatment with at least $ 800 in bribes. He was ordered to pay a fine of $ 800.

He & # 39 is the third person to be jailed last week for taking bribes to underestimate the weight of passenger bags at Changi Airport.

Patel worked as a customer service associate for UBTS provider of logistics services in the period from January 2015 for November 2016.

His duties included assisting the passengers to embark and check-in desks for flights Tigerair. He took the money from the Indian national Gopal Krishna Raju, 37, whose case is pending.

Gopal ran a side business buying gold here and send it back to Chennai will be sold.

Instead of using the chicken & # 39; erskay service, he will be looking for travelers to Chennai, to help him carry gold over in their luggage, and they in turn pay his relatives there.

He suggested Patel money and food from January to October 2016 in a humiliating weight bags.

His crimes came to light after Sats conducted its own internal investigation relating to requests for consumer goods and discovered suspicious behavior, as noted TNP.

Last Friday, two people were imprisoned for similar crimes.

Ayyadurai Karunanithi, 47, a citizen of India, who also worked on UBTS from December 2013 to July last year, was jailed for nine weeks and ordered to pay a fine of $ 500.

Singapore Gerizim Kirubai Raj Deved, 35, who worked for the Sats Asia-Pacific Star from January 2016 to July last year was sentenced to prison for seven weeks and ordered to pay a fine of $ 630.

The court said the crime surfaced as a result of research arising from the report of the technical regulations in the past year.

The prosecution also noted that corruption in the air tour business potentially detrimental to Singapore's reputation as a global aviation hub.

In a statement from the man born earlier this month, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said that no form of bribery is not tolerated here.

"We do not tolerate bribery, even if the amount is small, because some corrupt actions can possibly lead to a compromise of our public safety," said CPIB.

"Corrupt practices of this kind not only tarnish a reputation Changi Airport in Singapore, but more importantly, it could undermine our security in air travel."

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