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Apple's, again Perla From App Store to eliminate or limit the applications that compete with


Apple, boss Tim Cook (on another occasion funny) PHOTO: Business Insider

Modern smart phones due to various social networking sites offer so much information, that those people can look almost the whole day and still nedočítajú respectively. nedopozerajú quite even. Apple's, I would like to avoid such dependence, that we reported recently.

But now, it looks like Apple's, uncomfortable significantly reduces or even completely abandon the App Store. Such server conclusions The New York Times.

Apple, IOS to 12 last fall, even include a specific function screen timeThat is used to monitor the use of your smartphone. This may be in it, to set limits for certain applications for which have been closed.

"It is clear that there are several applications that entice people to get them to spend as much time possible, check them more often than it would be great."Said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. He added that to achieve depending on the iPhone for Apple's, it has never been the goal.

Removing unpleasant applications

As the New York Times has found some applications that Apple's, are taken into account for competition in the App Store is not straightforward. Some, offering features that allow parents to block applications suitable for children. "Apple, removed or substantially reduced by at least 11 of the 17 most downloaded applications for the same purpose."The report said.

Applications that will change Apple's, touched the most, OurPact, Kidslox and QustodioThe last two of the highlighted just decided to let it They have filed a formal complaint, the European Union, Similar complaint in March, Apple filed company Spotify.

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