Monday , May 10 2021

Be careful with cheating contests on Facebook, this site promises to win the Samsung Galaxy Note9

The internet has become a traditional site for various fraudulent and fraudulent websites that try to get sensitive information from their visitors. A general phenomenon is competition for valuable prizes, which often only seek money from users. We have warned ourselves about such fraud several times on our site. Among the latest discoveries, other cheating competitions have been added SR Police on their Facebook page Hoax and Fraud.

Underwater Contest on Note9

The site called Samsung Slovakia ( was officially represented by a South Korean producer in Slovakia. Meanwhile, he denied that this was his own profile. This site states that Samsung celebrated its 80th anniversary since its launch, and for this reason put the four newest mobile phones into the competition Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the photo depicted in 4 colors. Facebook users should have status, share it, and tag others from their friends in the comments.

This site states that the contest will be evaluated only if it involves at least 3,000 people. In this competition, organizers usually expand the base of Facebook fan sites, getting the names of people who are willing to get involved in cheating contests. These people were then contacted by fraudsters, and in various ways they tried to get money from them such as "win or check" fees. Often the numbers are small, but with a large number of people being cheated, it makes a large amount.

How do you know the page is scam?

Slovak police also warned how to recognize common features of similar sites:

1. In the case of big brands, there are some fans who are paradoxical. Every big and famous brand has been on Facebook for years with a large audience.

2. The absence of text in the "Information" section, for example, missing an infoline number or official e-mail address.

3. There is no site content except for one post related to the contest. Maybe nobody talks about status. There are no posts about certain people, company representatives.

4. There is no innovative competition, only classic "share, comment, mark".

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