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Farmers have access to the file and check hundreds of contracts: Magdoško not exclude sharp blows


According Magdoško found that 417 of the 440 contracts have been recorded in the file purpose and had nothing to do with this issue. He added that while the agency warned both sides that they had contracts for which Esti dispute over subsidies from the European Union. Contracts to farmers, recorded on CDs and photographed. According Magdoško become a precedent, which they can use other farmers. Bratislava, to support them came about two dozen farmers.

After checking the file, in accordance with the Magdoško return home and the association of small and medium farmers Initiative farmers decide the next steps in the PPA. "This is a flagrant violation of numerous law by the PPA. It is possible that they will be crisp punches agency. We appeal to the premiere of & # 39; er Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) and Minister Gabriela mother (SNS), to remove the Director General of the Office of PPA Juraj fur. I did not do to ensure the functioning of the agency in order to serve farmers. " He announced Magdoško. He also said that in January this year PPA has received a letter from the Prosecutor General's Office to eliminate detected violations of the law and allow the farmer Oravec view the file within 30 days.

According to Oravec farmer from Friday (April 26th) it, these companies Esin a "crisis" and facilitate fraud subsidies. Magdoško farmer said that in this case, about 359 farmer rents land sub & # 39 Oravec «intersection" object subsidies. Protesters farmers on Friday filed a criminal case of national criminal agency (Naka) for operating the PPA, because farmers were very concerned that in the coming days may come to the EIT processing the file, and to extinguish fraud feet subsidies and obstruction from 2017 to disabling inspect the file.

Farmer František Oravec

Farmer František Oravec

Source: TASR – Jaroslav Novák

Shareholders Esin Group Vlastimil Majerčák and Thomas Kukučka in February claimed that one of the farmers 'protests and farmers' associations, František Oravec initiatives executives are suspected of involvement in the suras & # 39; oznym violations. This company has a long-term dispute with Oravcom and its leaders are convinced that all of the media and political activities with the & # 39 is merely a screen to conceal their actual actions. Since 2015 we disagreed about 500 hectares (ha) field. Esin Group bought the farm from the family & # 39; and Kosice Hudákovcov, consisting of the company Agro-Valaliky and Mold-Trade. These companies manage 8,000 hectares of land.

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