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It has been 50 years since the first human crew that landed on the Moon


"One small step for man, one giant step for mankind." said the first man on the moon 20. This happened in 1969, July 20, that is, exactly 50 years ago.

On this occasion, Nvidia (Issue: US processor graphics card) lost video, with the first steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon. Nevertheless, he rebuilt the video using the Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics processors (GPU), designed to provide the best video games, so it's not like the fact that it was 50 years ago, but It was made of the current camera. This is underlined by the portal

X & # 39; Euston: "It looks like you will not have any problems that we had expected when walking." Armstrong: "Maybe it's even easier than one-sixth of attraction, we trained on land ownership, walking does not cause trouble Planting engine is not created a crater distance between the nozzle and the surface is about 30 cm We are really in a very…. level ground. I see hints rays caused by our chassis, but they are not very pronounced … "we heard shortly after Armstron took his first steps on the moon.

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 was generally 5 pilot flight "Apollo"But for the first time with the crew on board The goal was to successfully land on the moon and return to Earth, Flight to the Moon began July 16, 1969, at 13:32 and lasted about 4 days. On the surface of the Moon crew was about two and a half hours. She returned to Earth about 21.5 kilograms of samples. The crew successfully landed July 24, 1969 at 16:50:35 Pacific.

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