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Mosquitoes that transmit dengue and Zeke closer to Slovakia


Last year, the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), which comes from Asia, 51 from permanently colonize the 101 French departments. In 2017, while the researchers recorded with & # 39; appearance of only 42 administrative units. In addition almost all the south of France, a mosquito, for example, already in the northern department of Aisne, which is on the border with Belgium.

The tiger mosquito can transmit viruses that cause fever, pain in the joints and muscles of the head, In the European part of France, he & # 39; appeared for the first time in 2004 in Nice. The spread of the tiger mosquito is particularly conducive to global warming and intense international traffic.

Each of this type of mosquito is not necessarily a & # 39 is a carrier of some of these viruses, it becomes only when sucking the blood of infected people, mainly outside Europe. After the first of the tiger mosquito fifteen years ago, authorities recorded 22 cases of infection with dengue and 31 cases of chikungunya virus infection directly in France.

Prior to 2080 mosquitoes to expand the frequency and place under the influence of warming, where they are not currently included:


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