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Overview Orange TV Stick: a new way to watch television with Orange


Orange made his own Chromecast. Orange TV called him a stick for sale now in Slovakia. This device allows you to watch TV from Orange on the big screen and found to have potential.

Orange TV Stick can benefit all users, who activated Orange TV over the Internet or purchased access channel Orange Sport, It does not matter to the & # 39 a day, a week, a month or the whole Champions League season. Orange sells access to Orange the Sport for all, regardless of the Internet service provider or a television. Access television channel can be purchased by sending a text message or activation of Orange Sport TV services via the Internet. All information can be found on the / baliky.

Orange TV services via the Internet are also available to all, regardless of the provider. You can activate it yourself or get it for freeRespectively. for a better amount of optical or satellite TV from Orange.

Orange Sport and Orange TV and the Internet can Watch on your computer, with the mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, and if you buy Orange TV stick, so and on the big screen TVOr even on the projector or monitor – the only condition to & # 39 is an HDMI input to which you connect Orange TV Stick. The device function also requires access to the Internet via a local connection Wi-Fi.

Orange TV shelf and packaging. The container is used for protecting the device when it is carried. great idea

For a one time fee or a monthly basis without increasing

Orange TV Stick sells one-time fee 59 eurosYou can get it in the form of monthly payments without increasing the initial contribution of 1 euro.

he comes in practical package, which also functions as a durable protective coating, It is a good idea for other devices of this type, we have a team yet met. You can wear it in the TV stick, power adapter with a micro-USB cable and a short HDMI cable. All is well with the & # 39 is part of the basic food and you need to connect the device and design. The casing has dimensions 130 x 110 x 50 mm, the shelf itself has dimensions of 80 x 45 x 13 mm.

The actual installation process is quick and simpleYou connect the device to the HDMI input and connect it to the mains. To a smartphone or tablet to download the Orange TV application stick and you follow the instructions to & # 39; appear on the TV screen. TV stick, using the form, check the connection and enter the password to the network Wi-Fi. Done, you can watch.

The use of Orange TV Stick It serves not only for the installation of the TV stick, but also to send to the device contents. You can watch live TV, and also played shows from television archives. We personally would like if Orange has built-in support for TV stick directly to the existing Orange TV application, so we do not need to install additional applications. Maybe it will happen in the future.

Orange TV Stick includes a micro USB port for power, HDMI output for connection to the screen and 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones or speakers

Even with the archives, if part of your life

Orange TV application offers a stick Full list of TV channelsDo you have available in your service. When you click on a particular channel, it starts playing in its application, but also reflects a television program and have access to broadcast sessions in TV archive, if this is not your offer of services accordingly. you have it enabled. Archive up to 31 days, When you click on a video, you can click the three dots in the upper left corner of the video and sent to Orange TV stick.

It is a pity that the use of At the present time it does not allow to quickly switch between the TV channels directly on the Orange TV stickIf you do not "chronic switch"Do you worry that you will be. Practice with a & # 39 is that on TV, you can watch one TV channel and mobile app to watch other shows – and stick to your TV to send it only when it is really needed. To play the show from television archives available controls to fast forward the video forward or backward. It works while watching a video on TV with the help of a stick.

Orange TV stick with you We evaluated the quality ofIn connection with this, our equipment was pleasantly surprised. The image quality on a level higher than the Magio GO TV Boxee from telecom, and I dare say that a normal user would not notice the difference between the image of Orange TV and Orange follow the set-top box. This is true for TV channels in HD and SD quality – for example, Orange TV services via the Internet version of the Go Optimal TV includes 31 TV channels including 18 in HD.

During playback or during testing problems everything worked reliably, There was no nicks or tearing. A small reminder of a certain shift header audio with respect to video, if Orange Sport. But this is a problem in itself and Orange TV channel is difficult to correct.

Orange TV shelf to consider the practical toolsShe can act as a second TV in your home, but you can use it as the main TV. We appreciate it easy to carry, so you can take it with you to your friend, the cottage or on vacation.

Orange TV Stick

price: 59 €

rent: orange

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