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Povýšme cooperation for the advancement of personal interests of Slovakia, called Zuzana Čaputová


Čaputová election headquarters said that her victory with a & # 39 is a continuation of the municipal elections, and hopes that this trend will continue in the European elections. "Slovakia asks for this change." she said. People in her quest for integrity in politics.

He also noted that the dam between the conservative and liberal do not forgive. "We were able to overcome it." she said, and urged to join. "Let us look for what we & # 39; combines povýšme cooperation to improve Slovakia over personal interests." she said.

The first foreign trip as president Susan Čaputová lead to the Czech Republic. "The Czech Republic perceives as a brotherly nation, we have a common history." she explained. Tamojšieho President Milos Zeman perceives as legitimate elected president.

Čaputová is scheduled to meet with representatives of political parties, in particular the coalition, as the government. He wants to talk about important issues, one of which is & # 39 is the choice of the Attorney General. Jaromir Čižnár next year term of office. "My idea is not only to choose a good candidate, but if I were to change the method of election and appointment to this important function." she said.

Political leaders want to address issues of justice, the environment, the rights of the elderly and other groups of people with a weaker voice in society. Policy emphasizes factual and calm tone and the need for penetrations search.

From the result of the elections satisfied. "I am pleased to not only win, but above all, it happened in a way that we have many questioned whether the work that can go into the political struggle with his own point of view, that can resist populism that can tell the truth, it can be a draw and win the trust and without aggressive dictionary and not below the belt personal attacks. " she said. Support thanked the English language and in the minority language.

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