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Start of Apple Pay in Slovakia comes. What's new on the market


Mobile payments are expected for the iPhone for years. If nothing is done, it will come in the coming weeks.

While abroad, customers usually find out about the supported banks for Apple launch, the Pay, with us in another way. Portal Živé.sk them He reported back in February and gradually start services He confirmed the Slovak Savings Bank, MBANK, Tatra Banka, as well as foreign N26.

Since last July, negotiations were held between the banks, card companies and Apple's, to Apple, Pay the entrance. when we Firstly, the media reported on itThis is Apple's, finally decided to offer the services in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Originally he came Service in Slovakia in March this year. Apple's, start-up, but a few months moved according to the source, so it has to decide legal questions. It is still not clear what exactly you need to go.

Thus, when it comes to

So far it is not known when it comes to the launch of the service in the country. Other banks have to reckon with the fact that Apple's, pay a trigger in June, some of them also mentioned in May, details are not yet known.

Some banks said, but not yet to provide Apple's pay is technically ready.

saving of time

In late March he issued a status of the Slovak Savings Bank, which is quite unexpectedly announcedThis will support Apple, Pay. Surprisingly there are only clients, but also competing banks who did not expect such a move.

The reason for the agreement was signed strict confidentiality of any information about Apple's ban Pay. In this case, however, he was an Apple-authorized status. The market has even suggested that the mother of the Slovak Savings Bank, Erste Group strives to ensure that the Slovak branch started Apple, Pay with & # 39 is the first and perhaps only – at least for a short period of time.

In addition to the Czech Republic it operates Apple, Pay in Poland and Ukraine. Kúpyschopnejšie Austria is still not enough.

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Start Service has officially confirmed the four companies offering this and other banks.

Source: Apple

Such requirements have earlier this month and formally check in the bank, who declined to comment on the topic. In Austria, he ran to start the service in the last days, and the interesting thing is that it offers the sister Erste Bank Sparkasse online and N26, but not each other.

Already reported, other banks

On the basis of this status, but other banks have applied to the card company and give the opportunity to add the status of the upcoming support. So we waited for almost the same status, the same graphics from several banks.

And how is it possible? Banks got the same templates and text ready, which only translated. Institutions can not therefore choose not to like looking for the status of the client.

Starting follows Sun informed 365 bank, postal bank and J & T Banka. Despite the fact that the bank has opened 365 social networks, he said that Apple offer payday companies.

Apple, was a swipe entry services to our market.

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Start with no press conference

Unofficially not allow representatives of the banks and their frustration of having to run Apple, Pay in Slovakia does not intend, and is not a press conference for journalists, where Apple's, announced the launch of the service.

payment method from Apple could come in the next few months.

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Some of the banks that they are not going to Apple, Pay press conference.

Source: Apple

Agree or not it involved banks, as officially before the Apple Pay campaign, talk to each other.

Even the press release, which says to start services to be for the whole company pretty much the same – will be able to change only the logo, headquarters and bank name. It is therefore possible that the starting date will receive the same media several press releases.

For more information about the service to find out. Hours Živé.sk.

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