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Tesla uses to deliver its own electric semitrailer tractor


Tesla experienced "development hell", "Hell Ships". And it seems that he is forced to use his electric tractor trailers Tesla, which is still only a prototype, to deliver custom electric.

Tesla company after the production process configuration model 3, which brought about high & # 39; the volume of production, found that in the further problem. Interested external media, which do not have sufficient capacity to meet their needs related to the delivery vehicles.

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And he announced that he was forced to start building special trailers for the transport of cars in September last year. This extra month announced the purchase of tractors and trailers in the amount of 13.8 million. $ (B shares). And it seems that is not enough, and have to resort to their own tractor semi Tesla, which is still in the prototype stage.

Elon Musk and Tesla automotive division president Jerome Guillen current sharing photos (used as the title page of this article) Semi Tesla, which is loaded with brand electric vehicles, to which Musk briefly and actually adds: "Semi Tesla Tesla delivered cars."

I must say that this is an advanced prototype is tested for a long time and which should go as originally planned in the production at the end of this year. According to unofficial information, the moment to start small series production this year, while the regular edition, we have to wait for next year.

It is also possible that this is the last stage of testing, which will serve to test pre-production vehicles in terms of real-world business operations or marketing, a company that wants to recall the forthcoming model, as in the past few weeks, apparently "shines the spotlight "in particular, recently introduced a compact SUV model Tesla the Y, or model 3, which begins in large quantities to arrive in Europe and China.

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Tractors, of course, with the & # 39 is an important part of reducing CO2 emissions in transport. At least in Europe may become even key. In the end, the European Parliament approved at the end of last year, a relatively stringent emission targets called for the reduction of CO2 emissions by 2025 by 20%, and by 2030 at least 35%, compared to 2019.

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