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The enormous success of the Slovakian giant: an inexperienced young man? Error, unexpected name in the world!


patricia Wollingerová
patricia Wollingerová

Michalovce – Michalovce Handball Yuventa forward MOL became the league champion. Shine his ninth title in the overall competition comes mainly the fact that he reached the young staff in which several figures player wore in junior and youth teams age. The players know, however, that the degree of competition of Slovak and Czech teams only partial success, which provided their taste to fight for another victory.

Michalovčanky decided its leadership after the home arena Chemkostav superior HC Zlin 44:20. Already the 20th round so it is clear that he will return to the Czech-Slovak throne, where they were replaced by toys bohemian bridge last year. "I think that now we have a really good team, and triumph in the MOL League we have shown that about the best in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We played well all season. Before the match against Zlin we have had for tough fights that we tend to achieve profitable, and we realized that the hardest part is over. Nevertheless, we must continue to play a quality as the season is not finished yet. " He stressed grip Patrícia Wollingerová.

Slovak representative included in the squad coach Peter Hatalčík experienced toys and enjoys it, that coated the team triumph even more young people. "I think that always repeat, that we are in the age of not much of a chance to get. If you want to be in the best team, so its performance is necessary to prove that they are. I really appreciate all the titles that I have, at best, but I was stuck in the memory of the first, because it is always special. But every season we want to do everything possible, and it Firsts great pleasure for us, " said Wollingerová.

Juventas team has undergone significant changes for the season, reconstructed almost all positions. One of the new faces was 20-year-old trunk Nikoleta power forward. "I have makes me very happy, I finally achieved. From match to match, we were still playing and gradually improve. First of all we have a great team, but also because it was a path to the primacy easier. Nevertheless, however, the season is over, and the more matches we want to emphasize the role of favorite. we still have room for improvement, especially in the defense game. Of course, we want the other names. " she said.

Triumph handball league in Mol continued successful sports clubs Michalovský period. Michalovce in 2019 boasts the title of the European city of sport and its supporters in it to please the players and the players. Players MFK Zemplin with & # 39 is the football league of Fortune Award & # 39; er made his way to a group of six members for the title, the players have proved in the round to beat Jilin promotion of high competition. Shame they can not even be handball Juventas, who do not want to meet with a triumph in the MOL League.

"We have him, of course, nice, but now it is important that we are well prepared for the playoffs. This is likely to play with Salo, with whom he has a great rivalry. " He said coach Hatalčík, who would like to successfully tohtosezónnym joined Slovak title.

"It was one of the goals of the club, which include the systematic inclusion of young players in the team wore the A-Team." Vivian & # 39 is a prime example Stefanikova, Adriana and Mikael Stefanov Holejová that, despite the younger age is still present throughout the senior command team.

"Young players get more opportunities, and we will continue to work to be used regularly to play, not to sit on the bench. After a considerable detachment of variation it was not easy, but the girls hard and systematic work. The result arrived. It was a challenge that I went into this mission, and I am glad that we did. " said Hatalčík.

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