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The mobile division of the & # 39; combines profitable area and closure of the plant in Beijing


The Sony is currently undergoing enormous changes. In addition, the mobile phone unit will on the & # 39; united into one with TV, photo and video sharing, and changed the people in the leading positions of the company.

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All of these changes should be made strictly on April 1 is still not any joke. Mobile unit, thus fall into the electronics sector Products Solutions (electronic products and solutions), and the step is to bring the best financial results from the sale of smartphones. Reuters, and in the future reportsThe company plans to get them unprofitable division into profit as early as April next year. They & # 39 are, however, reports that Sony wants to hide the connection area, in particular, the loss of its mobile division.

The company wants to develop a new device draw inspiration and experience in other sectors, especially in the field of cameras and cameras that Sony just ends. Significantly reduced the cost of production of smart phones and the company intends to focus on 5G technology. Close while the plant will be in Beijing and the production of smartphones is completely moved to Thailand and industrial partners.

Change of employment for management

Along with these changes, leaving the leadership the Sony CEO, Kaz Hirai, who at that time he was 35 years long. This step does not need to look for any failure by the company itself, simply resigns and leaves his younger. His decision was announced in February, his successor from 1 April becomes Kenichiro Yoshida. As the portal GSMarena Hira and will continue to act as a consultant to the management company.

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