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The nitro is preparing for the arrival of the problem ,, hooligans: We know where to collect


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The area around the future football stadium Nitra Zobor significant impact traffic complications. Relating to a game in which players Trnava in Slovnaft Cup final invite Zilina.

Slovak Cup final begins the first of May at six o'clock in the evening, but the fans are waiting for Trnava, Nitra, as one day. The situation was further complicated the May Day celebrations are held in the afternoon in the park – or nearly adjacent to the stadium.

The match is the risk, so the city is prepared in advance and is preparing a series of security measures. The aim with the & # 39 is not only to observe the smooth transfer of football fans all over the city, but mainly to prevent possible problems.

"We know that of the three companies at the center of the city of Nitra, where they will collect a supporter of Trnava. We expect that the upcoming vague bullies. We expect that the fans will move from the city to the stadium after the street Podzámska. City police will therefore already warned the owner of the car parked in the same spot to do in order to protect their assets better tomorrow parked vehicles in a different place. " said a representative of the city of Nitra Thomas Holúbek in a press release.

Pressing car from Trnava is expected mainly in the parking lot detention at the stadium and wrestling hall. 3,200 tickets were sold for lovers of Trnava. Assuming that one car was introduced at three or four fans can come to Trnava in general 800-1000 nitro cars.

In accordance with the State Police fan Trnava allocated parking at the stadium and wrestling hall. From nine in the morning Budun these parks only allow cars Trnava will match. Other vehicles will be able to view and waterfront park Jesenského street parking but they will not be allowed in parking lots near the stadium. After filling the car parks mentioned streets will not go to any other vehicle.

The nitro believe that movement restrictions will continue until late in the evening.



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