The Walking Dead is definitely over. Telltale Games sells property


Some old games have been removed from Steam Store.

Telltale Games game studio has finished. Sherwood Partners representative for has confirmed that the company is currently closed.

The whole process of assigning the author of The Walking Dead is close collaboration with all creditors. Stakeholders are interested in solving this problem as soon as possible.

The fate of the last two episodes of this series was previously unclear.

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The Walking Dead Series Final is Saved. It's finished by Skybound Games

In addition, November 30, 2018 will end legally determined health insurance for COBRA employees.

Leave the submarine

Telltale CEO Pete Hawley recently deleted his account at Twitters. The LinkedIn social network profile shows that he has left his job so far this month.

Some of the older company games have been removed from Steam Store. Namely, it's Jurassic Park: The Game, Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future: The Game.

This game is currently available on, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Marketplace. Players who already have these titles on Steam are still allowed to download and install them.


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