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the world's first country approved composting of human remains


Washington will become the first country in the world where it will be possible to carry out an environmental compensation cremation or burial.

Traditional Burial include the use of different materials, which are often isolated in the soil with harmful chemicals. Cremation have to change the effect of carbon emissions and energy is not a & # 39 is useful.

The new government has approved a draft law on composting of human bodies in Washington offer in ecological solution that eliminates these hazards. Legislation currently under consideration has only the signature of the governor Jaya Insley. It is reported portal Inhabitat.

Insley, who plans to run for president in 2020, presents itself as a defender of the environment, so the initiative would nesignaturnogo against his political campaign. If all goes according to plan, the new law comes into force on 1 May 2020 strategy.

Recompose the company that maintains the state law provides the results of the composting process for one month.

The transformation of a man on the ground will be done in multiple hexagonal reposition containers in which the body stores along with other organic materials, such as. chips.

Vision for the future of composting plant. Source: Recompose

The container is then pursued by air, and the mixture is heated for three days at 55 degrees Celsius. Everything, including the bones and teeth will be distributed. Inorganics such as metal seals, pacemakers, and prosthetic devices, as far as possible again.

Due to the system, which creates an ideal environment for thermophilic bacteria and beneficial bacteria it quickly decompose. By adjusting the ratio of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, moisture, and the system creates an ideal environment for the bacteria, they thrive.

The material will be at several points within the mixture to ensure thorough distribution. The result will be approximately 1 m3 compost, that can be used in plant breeding.

After completion of the process will be able to take home some & # 39; and the dead formed part of the land where he can manage on your own, and so on, as is the case with the cremation. The remaining will be used in gardens, arranged in the device.

Changing composition presents itself as a public benefit corporations. who in his own words in favor of the people and the environment before profit. As expected, at the end of composting will cost more than direct cremation, but less than ordinary funeral.

Traditional cemeteries occupy more and more space and leave a significant mark on the environment. Photo: Wikipedia

The annex to the creation of affordable prices promises Changing the composition to create a public fund to support low-income people.

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