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Travel wormhole? Presumably, this is possible, but not practical


It's really a hard way to travel.

Heroes of science fiction are often superior to the cosmic distance reduction. Tunnels in space-time that connect very distant points of the universe. Thus Wormhole.

Laws of physics allow for their existence. But they need to be almost immediately collapse.

Physicists at Harvard and Stanford universities in the new study argue that stable wormholes are really there. Duration space travel, but not short-circuit. Quite the contrary.

The study was presented at the annual meeting in April, the American physicists Society in Denver.

The enormous potential of the hook

Wormhole invented by writers or writers. Their existence was suggested equations of general relativity, Einstein himself Albert (Nathan Rose g) in front of more than 80 years ago.

Unfortunately, it has been shown that such a "space-time tunnel" without the help of collapse. REQUIRED stabilizes exotic matter – matter that has negative mass and negative energy.

And such an exotic thing with physics as we understand it, is incompatible.

Physicist Daniel Jaffer from Harvard University and his colleagues, however, he found a way out. Using the equations of quantum field theory, showed that wormholes can exist without exotic matter.

Iron asteroid with volcanic activity.

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quantum features

Jaffer and his colleagues based on a & # 39; in reality strange quantum entanglement.

Einstein called it a "terrible action at a distance". Because, if you change the quantum state of one of the following interconnected particles immediately change the quantum state of the other. And no matter how much of the second particle – it still can not be billions of light years

This would seem to contradict the theory of relativity, according to which nothing, and no information has not passed (in space) is faster than the speed of light.

This is not a wild guess. This interlacing may prove experimentally photons, electrons, neutrinos, … and even molecule and smaller diamonds.

"Worm" action at a distance?

Juan Maldacena physical Susskind and recently suggested that in fact the cause of entanglement wormhole. They simply allow the "interdependence" of particles at any distance.

They also argued that if they were "connected" black holes, they have also been linked wormhole.

Daniel Jaffer and his colleagues jumped from the account and examined, was stable and the passage of a wormhole. They found that, yes. For example, give information to avoid the black hole.

illustrative drawings

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illustrative drawings


The output from a black hole

Space "tunnel" between the black hole sun would help any space travelers.

"It seems that way these wormholes actually takes more time than usual road space, so they & # 39 are a useful method of space travel," says Daniel Jaffer.

"From the perspective of an outside observer will travel through wormholes two interconnected quantum black hole comparable to the quantum teleportáciou,» says Jaffer.

So, if someone fell into one of a pair of interconnected quantum black holes, would not mean a complete end. But even good prospects for a pleasant journey.

Astronaut Scott Kelly in maintaining ISS solar panels station background.

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Teleportation in the form of ash

Despite the suggestive term "teleportation" in quantum teleportácii actually transmits itself to & # 39; an object, only the information (quantum state).

Thus, a person falls into one of two interconnected quantum black holes, the last of the two, while "spat out" (to some extent), but to reach it as Hawking radiation.

Radiation will contain coded information about this person. Unfortunately, in a very practical, chaotic forms – like the ashes of the book, he keeps track of its original content.

In other words, the journey wormhole connecting a pair of black holes is worth more than we are able to pick up the book (and the people) from the ashes.

We find them?

And finally, the most fundamental question: can be linked quantum black holes exist at all? "No, of course not," said Jaffer to LiveScience.

Quantum coherence of large & # 39 objects is actually very unlikely. And if there is, it ends with the smallest violation of the outside, that is, almost immediately.

Jafferisa benefit studies and his colleagues therefore obviously not practical. On the other hand, but he throws a valuable explanation of the mysteries of black holes (information loss paradox), offering new opportunities for the formulation of quantum mechanics and moves one step forward search "theory of everything".

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