Heavily pregnant Duchess Susseš Meghan Markle was a few weeks ago withdrew from the public, because every time after birth.



Meghanina mother is reported to have already all impatient about childbirth.

because Meghan and Harry world announced that the birth of the first child to distract from the public eye, the media still care more about everything that occurs in the immediate vicinity of their homes, and production on them each step. In recent days there have been rumors that when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is ready for the arrival of a new member of the family & # 39; and, in particular, the United States arrived in London Meghanina momsbut Dorian Ragland, The Duchess will support during childbirth, after the birth of royal children will remain for some time in the UK. Last weekend in England reign panic, because in all the media people in rural areas, which are in front of their home at Frogmore Cottageu witnesses saw ambulances neighborhood should fly the helicopter a few times.

Although it is not known Meghan gave birth at home or in a nearby hospital, it seems, everything is ready for the arrival of a new member of the royal family & # 39; and. Now the only question is whether it is false contractions or Meghan has already been born. Chris ship, an expert of the royal family & # 39; and, in a television interview & # 39; nd expressed his opinion about Meghaninem Birth: "The fact that the child is on the way! Date of birth practical 'today' – can occur at any time during this period. " He expressed confidence that the royal family & # 39; and the birth of a child made an official announcement to the public that expects good news.