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Breast reduction Peter before surgery: Doctors are not taken suras & # 39; ozna #intervju #video


Peter Pintarič Already in the show The Biggest Loser Slovenia (CBP) said that he could only solve the operation of oversized breasts. Yes, it's really a problem, it is considered as a trainer natasa GorencWho said Peter with such feeding may not work properly, and do the exercises.

This is the right candidate to reduce mamoplastiko, reduce unnecessary breast, after examination confirmed Aesthetic Surgery Nina Suvorova GregoricPeter visited a few days after the arrival of the show. "With Peter we were on her breasts talked a lot. Of course, as a young girl especially good should explain all the risks and problems arising in connection with his chest operation can be, "he explained.

"The decline in mamoplastika overfed man with a & # 39 is a procedure that is usually done at the end of weight loss, because it leads to an improvement in the final aesthetic result of breast cancer. However, such patients are so often caught in a vicious circle, as a result of the enormous breasts are not in a position to exercise, so that they will never lose weight. "

Kirgurinja added that for these patients, breast reduction, on the other hand, can be a great incentive to really lose weight. "The problem Petrina especially breast surgery will exercise and healthy eating can quickly reach a healthy body image, so I decided that opraviva interference now."

Petro her breasts in cup size G is difficult for many years, so this will reduce to cart C lead to significant changes in their lives.

Peter Pintarič

Photo: Ian Lukanović

Peter, in front of you is an operation that will change your life, how do you feel a few days before her?

I feel great because I know that my life will change, many health problems will thus disappear, shoulder, feet, hope. The easier it is lingerie shop will feel better, I'm sure I was moving better, and in fact, my life has completely changed actually.

As people around you to take your decision for breast reduction surgery?

Some positive, some negative, but given that maybe surgery will not be able to breastfeed. For I am still young and I want to have children. My parents supported me as a partner, but for me it does not matter what others think, but my feeling. I do not care what you think about the other.

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Peter finally got smaller breasts that you would like to have more years #video



But perhaps also explain how oversized breasts affects your health?

Yes, I tell them my story, especially alone, to see what it will improve my health, only then are the children. But if health is good …

Do you have anything more support because of the show, where you can clearly see, how are you?

Yes, support for more thanks to the show, because people have seen that I have a problem. I also write that happy with the deal.

As you are too big breasts really hard life?

I have a pain in the back, I have a sore shoulder, because it is too heavy upper part of my swollen legs, under the breasts, as I worked the scars, the skin was dry at the moment, red. Because of all this I was not able to exercise or not to show. Even now I have a problem when I was active in sports, it's hard to breathe.

Have you ever before because of all these problems, the doctor who treated?

I visited several doctors because of back problems and shoulder, but we are told to lose weight. To say that I lost my weight loss breast one, but I did not offer any transactions. I sent one to a plastic surgeon.

weight loss, but it does not help?

No, no.

You will also show the SCC went straight to this end, we have to help with weight loss, and that you can be successful?

Yes, the show I used to lose weight, to lose a breast, but then again, I see that it is not. It would not do otherwise than with surgery.

There, you then begin to talk more about the work that is now finally happened.

Thus. Even the girls we talked, they noticed that I do have a problem, most of all, I started thinking about the surgery, when I told Natasha that so I will not be able to implement. And it really was a problem, they have povijati with bandages on, I had three sports bras, the harder I work carried out, the other much easier. It was a big problem.

So the show was the final proof that you have seen, what you really need this surgery?

The show was the icing on the cake, the house said, "feet-ass", I finally saw that the only operation to solve my problem.

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"Slovenians plastic surgery is not of & # 39 is exaggeration when some of us bothered to fix it, and we are satisfied» #intervju




And after leaving the show that you want to come true.

Yes, I understand the desire in 2016 when I started to talk about it, browse the web for more information. I've never been able to save so much money that would be paid to the operation alone, the doctors do not have any, but they saw that I had back problems. I went to the orthopedist, swapping & # 39; m a doctor because of a shoulder and spine, no one did anything, they sent me to physical therapy, but I do not need it, because the front part of the body is too heavy and pulls me down. They do not take it suras & # 39; Ezno, but now I hope you will see it.

All this pain is not associated with overweight and oversized breasts?

Do not! I shoulder strap bra slots due to the weight of the breast. And, of course, it hurts me. Eight hours standing at work, bending, do any suras & # 39; serious work … Not to mention the surrounding area, making fun of you. Nha nice. Besides, now I want to prove to everyone that I will be doing this operation more confident.

So, if these problems?

Ever since I graduated from high school, I have a big problem. It may be because I started to develop more, perhaps, the genes are to blame, because I had similar problems already an aunt of my mother. Already in 2013 I had a little more but not as much as now. Now he's gone too far.

You used to be more, but then you lose weight and the other breast?

Yes. Previously, I was slim. Now I have the G basket, before I was Ya universities only accumulated, become more and more.

Peter Pintarič

Photo: Ian Lukanović

What would you do now that you know that you expect visitors to girls who have the same problems with the breast, but are afraid of surgery?

In order to consider what they will bring this operation. I, for example, health problems, and I will save the operation. Let me know what the operation will be dealt with and not to be afraid, the more you fear the worse. More good for you, the more you have to give it.

The village has nothing to fear?

No, I'm very brave. I'm not afraid of work, recovery, well, I rest, I had the motivation to help partner. I'm not afraid of anything.

How long have you recovered?

The first week will focus on recreation, although regular, short walk every hour, required on the first day after surgery. From the first week, I have to start with a little bit more to go to full physical activity and unrestricted movement & # 39; ll have to wait at least six weeks.

The surgeon explained to you that you may not be able to breastfeed, but you will notice that it can be left without the warts, and get?

Yes, I took all the consequences. Breastfeeding is not as already it was years ago, a child can be saved per bottle, now I have to watch out for health. If health is not a & # 39; is not even a child.

What are warts?

I'm not a girl who would razgaljalo, I'm not a model, so I would not be disturbed. Even in the erogenous zones with me they do not have such a big role.

One possible mitigation complications mamoplastike, which is very rare, with 39 & # is that after the operation necrosis or collapse of the nipple and the outer ring. With regard to the removal operation, as much of the breast tissue, blood flow may be worse, and hence the risk viability warts. Thus, it can partially or completely dies. In this case, the rest of the tissue, the skin forms a new nipple is then, after healing, as well as by means of tattooing ring.

The surgeon points out that the possibility of the collapse of warts is a very rare complication, occurring more in exceptional cases, otherwise it is the inability to breast-feeding, which is a & # 39 is the aim of this operation, with the & # 39 is much more likely.

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You begin to think how different your life after surgery, for example, for six months?

Of course (laughs, Op. P.). Even now I think otherwise, you're looking at bras, imagine how they make a purchase, I changed clothes, we will be in the upper part too. Yes, I was prepared. Even in the summer, I am already looking swimwear (laughter CIT. P.).

How big basket you have now?

C cart, but now I'm G. How big changes.

How will the surgery take care of yourself and your body?

Hi, I'm hungry, I eat five times a day, for exercise, I first started to walk.

In the show you mentioned that you do not eat vegetables.

Yes, and I also will not. (Laughter, Op. P.)

Also, do not?

No, I do not eat, but I try, I try. But if I say something I do not, I will not.

But you still give a chance?

So, slowly and quite a bit. While eating a salad.

How about broccoli, cauliflower, peppers?

No, no. The only the spinach is still ongoing. I get comments, but also people who do not like other vegetables, and that he had seen that I was struggling in the show.

Do you have any other problems before the meal?

Before a & # 39; there is tuna, but I began to show, and I love it now. Do not eat pork, I eat only chicken.

Peter Pintarič

Photo: Ian Lukanović

How else do you have to show?

Well, I'm sorry, I'm home. The atmosphere was good, but now I see that more and more hypocrisy, since television began monitoring competition. But I need to know 12 new friends.

How would you describe your coach Natasha just suras & # 39; severe, as seen on TV?

Natasa as a coach has to be strict, that is logical. They caress us at home, parents, partner (laughter Pl. P.). Not the coach, it should be very strict and even now, when I train alone, I see that I miss her cry. Those who watch the show, take it quite differently, he feels that he thought at first, saying that Der. The show is quite different, it gives you motivation. Some of this can not be accepted, but it sees fit. I miss her.

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"If you're working with people who have a lot to lose weight, you have to be a little dictator» #intervju




You know, to show something new?

I knew it, I can now determine who is a hypocrite (laughter Pl. P.). But also to food that is good, what is not, that's fine. On the domestic words, they show that the "kick in the ass." I met the new sporting events, the first time I had a massage, I can say that the show gave me a lot of new experiences.

If eliminated, they said that this is one of the reasons that you can successfully lose weight at home. Do you agree with that?

I agree and support their decision. Worst outside and got that much support. This is a plan for me.

It is likely that you will, at the end of the show, boasts the best transformation as the winner.

That's right. Moreover, I do not know if it will be in this season, which has lost 50 pounds, so I think I'm better conversion at home than they do on the show. Due to the fact that they do not eat the menu, not enough to lose weight … Let's Gaja, who have more pounds than I show to lose pounds less than I do at home. Therefore, I do not know who has lost 50 pounds.

And finally, you mentioned that you think will win Gaja. Do you still think the same?

I am in doubt. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed to win a woman from the red team.

Peter Pintarič

Photo: Ian Lukanović

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