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"Chosen Primus» Mirela and a new book by Joe dispensettes


Thursday afternoon, May 28, 2019 were in the Brežice Library marked the event «Selected by Primus.»

It was the tenth time in a row, in the foreground was the last work of a doctor of chiropractic Joe dosing. In October last year the festive Brežiško, we understand your job you Placebo, then yesterday, we add to this work grow what you eat. Both books were published in the Slovenian language at home, Brežice Primus Publishing.

In the first part we socialize with Mirela Smajić, representative of the publisher Primus, to learn the contents of these books. Many people find meaningful title of the book, saying, how do we do something else than what we already have. Mirela this, saying. "This is what we now define our thoughts, feelings and experiences When you change the type of reality, we can be whatever we want to be In principle, we are still light, pure energy potential for everything. that you want to experience … "The most important habit that can get rid of, to come out, what we are. The results of new research on the brain, the body, mind and consciousness, and a quantum leap in our understanding of physics indicate widespread exploitation options that ourselves, we recognize its potential.

It's about how to get rid of the old mind and create a new one, we finished the meditation, which is a template prepared by dosing native Tony Aloar Ivanšek.

Matej Kus, Brežice Library

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