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Convincing Olympia went lame Maribor


Olympia team in the first match of the 24th round of the First League Telecom Slovenia 3: 1 victory in Maribor and Domzale lead, which is located in the Styria derby against Goal humanly VRTE drew 1: 1, closer to eight points behind. In the last match of the day Gorica and Rudar Velenje drew 2: 2

In the first game after the break, followed by a presentation of the derby match between Olimpija Domžale medalist, who are in third place. Ljubljana invented a new victory which Domžalčanom leaked as much as 12 points. In the first half with an unusual purpose that is strongly reminiscent of the legendary hitsin Osterc Match additional qualification for the World Cup 2002 against the withdrawal of Romania Bežigrad Mario Jurčević.



An unusual goal in Domžale, which remembered Bezigrad and 2001,



At the beginning of the second half after a great single company increased Visitors Goran Brkic, After 55 minutes, Amedezh wind He cut losses, and it seemed to be interested. Only five minutes later was the goalscorer for Domžale received a straight red card for crimes against Asmirjem Šuljić, In spite of the numerical superiority, they then threatened Domžale some time, but after a good game with rok Kidričeva to 3: 1, in spite of the SavicHe was the winner of the match.

The purpose of rejoicing, as a bare, which led them to the point of Styria derby human garden.

The purpose of rejoicing, as a bare, which led them to the point of Styria derby human garden.
Photo: Milos Vujinović / Sportida

Maribor remained without two points

In the popular garden, in the second match day of the derby track Styria. After a first half in which Maribor could not even push the door frame of the enemy to make the first shot, but it came in the 45th minute, and Celje tried a lot more internal human in the garden, where he gathered a lot of people, after half a second half of the game came to the manual.

on the cross luka Zahovič he knew how to lead Gregor BazhdCelje then began to attack and threatened several times to tie, but came 82 th minute, when the first-born in the first competition of league arrived associated Benedisik and made the final result.

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The judges gave the presents unfavorable Maribor and Olimpija?



An exciting game in Velenje is offered to the winner

Gorica was twice happy naked in Velenje, where it came to the point.

Gorica was twice happy naked in Velenje, where it came to the point.
Photo: Yuri Vodušek / Sportida

The match ends on Saturday was displayed in Velenje, which debuted on the bench Rudar Almira Sulejmanovič, Gorica, in the previous round to win for the first time in ten league games without a win, led at halftime the lead after 17 minutes to take Semir Smajlagić.

In the second half in less than ten minutes, in 66 and 75 minutes, Velenje come to a turning point when they first hit Leon CRNCIC and then Gigue ŠkoflekAnd it seemed to be a victory to remain in Velenje, but we have until the end of the match did not see another statement about the change. After 82 minutes, the final result with the debut of the first Slovenian league footballer made on the second tier Radomlje led Bosnian coach Gorica Nermin Hadzichis compatriot Adel Halilovic.

Debbie Panadić domestic game

Andrew Panadich new coach Krsko.

Andrew Panadich new coach Krsko.
Photo: NK Krsko

first Sunday match will serve as a clearing between Triglav and Carsten, where they decided to change the coach in the chair. Andrew Panadić already in his debut on the Gubec stadium put a difficult task, as it will blow Posavci Triglav. Crane was still winter Krčanov closest rival, but with three wins in the next championships ran on this host. «Nuklearci» before the final match of the second third of the championship in eighth Triglav behind nine points, a point less than the difference until the ninth Miners.

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The factory has a new coach, replacing Croat Croat

The last action in Murska Sobota

Final Act of the second third of the first league Telecom Slovenia will play in Murska Sobota Fazanerija. guests Moore footballers aluminum, which in the autumn part of the championship lost both duels with Prekmurje. Black and white in the beginning of November in Kidričevo delight visitors first victory in the first league competition, but without red dots are in Murska Sobota. Oliver rich team after three consecutive zeros recorded the first point of the spring, filled with red field network and Rudar March & # 39; yang Pušn persuaded to leave. Aluminum thanks to hits Sanin Muminović, Nut Vrbanca, Dejan Petrovič and Luke shop again came third place in the points takes advantage Domžale.

Top scorers:

12 Rudy Pozek Vankas (Goal)
11 Luke Zahovič (Maribor)
10 Rock Kronaveter (Olympia) Shelf Sorghum (masonry), Andres Vombergar (Olympia)
9 Yang Mlakar (Maribor), Francesco Tahiraj (aluminum)
8 Dean Hotik (Maribor), Luca Mazhsen (Triglav) shamar Nicholson (Domzale), Marcos Tavares (Maribor)

Video Highlights of the match:

Miner: Gorica 2: 2

Maribor Celje 1: 1

Domzale: Olympia 1: 3

Reports of matches:

Album with matches

Miner: Gorica (photo George Vodušek / Sportida):


Maribor Celje (photo Milos Vujinović / Sportida):


Domžale: Olympia (Photo Matic Ritonja / Sportida):


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The first division of the events in the world of TV and Sportalu

In the season 2018/19 will #PLTS four matches in each round to witness the live television broadcast programs on the planet and Planet 2. Planet 2 will be every Monday at 20 pm on the scheduled broadcast Goool !, Led by Dani Bavec. You can read more about the schedule of matches to read HERE.

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