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Court in connection with a loan to rent Dijana Đuđić rules just a reminder


Ljubljana Local Court in the case of the issuance of loans for both sides, as the SDS Janez Jansa, as an individual, managed only a reminder. In its decision, recognizing that the SDS, had violated the law on political parties with the conclusion of the credit agreement.

Recall that jeRačunsko Court of Inquiry pre-screening of two loans SDS found signs of foul – the customer must exceed the amount permitted, the more controversial it was a loan of 450,000 euros for an individual, Dijana Đuđić, citizen of BiH.

SDS according to the Court, thereby violating the law on political parties and made an offer to the prosecution. For each offense punishable by a fine, namely, in the range of 4200 to 21 000 euros for the customer, the person in charge, and from 450 to 900 euros.

judge Andrew Polzelnik He decided to just reprimand, a report Nova24TV. "After listening to evidence in court the two defendants instead of setting fines issued notification in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 21 of the ZU-1" He wrote in a court of law. You must pay the cost of 30 euros, "On the other costs at the time of the decision, they are not known yet, but the court has issued a special decision, if those costs are known & # 39;.

The court ruled that"Accused Slovenian Democratic Party says that she broke the fifth paragraph of Article 22 of the Law on Political Parties", According to Janez Jansa on behalf of clients to conclude a loan agreement with Đuđićevo.A political party may, in accordance with the law with the & # 39 is a physical person rents a loan in the amount of ten times the average gross salary for the year, January-December 2016 amounted to 1584.66 euros. This means that the SDS will only loan up to 15.846 euros – as already mentioned, it is a loan, which amounted to 450,000 euros.

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