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DUTB seeking a buyer for the 130 million package claims


Photo: Bobo

DUTB He will collect applications until June 3 to 14 hours, interested they have to offer, in particular, especially the final service of the owner, a description of intent for the purchase of accounts receivable, an application that has all of the Internet or other authorization to make binding offers, a brief description of the activity and the main financial data derived from the publication on the website DUTB-x.

The applicant must also submit a declaration of financial circumstances, the purchase and the method of financing the purchase, which must, in particular, to describe the method of financing the purchase, specifically represent the actual source of funds for the purchase (including the & # 39; funding for its own account and on creditAcquired from third parties, such as banks, etc.) should describe in detail the method of financing the purchase of receivables and payment dynamics. Binding offers must be valid for at least 90 days from the date of filing or. at least until 31 August. Suppliers will also be able to check the proper documentation.

Pirc still functions Chief Executive Officer and has served as the acting. Photo: Bobo

on his forehead DUTBYes stepping Matej Pirc

The position of chief executive officer of the management company claims that the banks are now taken Matej PircGuide bad bank currently lacks the two executive directors, is expected to be called in the second half of May.

Pirc started his car & # 39; a career in Mercator. In April 2014 he took over the Slovenian Restitution Fund, after its conversion into a state holding Slovenia became the first person holding. After his dismissal from the post of chairman of the board of SDH end of October 2015, he joined the Slovenian branch of the international consulting company AT Kearney as one of the directors. DUTB He came in August 2017.

Personnel reform of the bad bank

City Chief Executive Officer, who & # 39; is a leader in the field of operational functions DUTB-ROM,He became vacant following the departure of Hungarians Imre Balogh in mid-December last year. This position officially resigned for personal reasons, but earlier hit the DUTB-ju assumed that no longer enjoys the confidence of the Board changed.

Non-executive Director Pirc temporarily as CEO duties assigned at the end of January. Then he worked as the sole executive director DUTBSo, after two weeks ago with the situation say goodbye Andrew Prebil and Jože Jaklin. DUTB-ju already been major personnel changes. The government withdrew from the Chairman of the Board Miha Juhart and non-executive Director appointed Thomas Kusić, Then in the role of the Assembly DUTByes non-executive Director named yet mark Tišmo.

All of these personnel changes after the publication of the results of the internal audit t. E. bad banks, who were involved in the sale of the land on which the plant in Logatec finalizing Swiss LonstroffThey have committed a violation, and that they have not been implemented internal regulations.

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