Monday , April 12 2021

Elon Musk is planning to go to Mars

SpaceX founder (and many other companies) Elon Musk He mentioned several times that went to Mars. On the basis of all applications Musk made in recent years, it was not clear whether she was sur & # 39; oznaya. All interviews & # 39; nd for the HBO documentary Axios, when he explained that 70 percent chance that it will actually go to Mars.

He also said that there have been recent advances that will travel to space much easier. As already mentioned in the past, it will go in one direction, and wants to move to Mars forever.

Musk wants to Mars permanently relocate.

When I asked if he wanted to change in Mars a unique place where you have moved into the world eliteHe said a firm "no." He said that on Mars the chance of death is much higher than the probability of the Earth. The first inhabitants of the planet have to constantly work to create the first "base" and, therefore, there will be plenty of time for a normal life, or liberation.

Even after the construction of the first "base" in which people can live, living conditions remained difficult. The probability of death is therefore likely to remain highIf SpaceX think people might as well go back to Mars, but not sure. According to this description, therefore, Mars does not seem the right place for the rich who want to enjoy the luxuries of life.

You are probably now wondering, why would anyone want to go to Mars. F respondent interested Elon Muska in an interview with & # 39; w, to which he replied that I went without hesitation, adding that it is like climbing a high mountain peaks. Dangerous, but people do it anyway.

Rocket to Mars in 2022 to deliver two shipments.

For his optimism are good reasons. In SpaceXovo Starship Rocket (formerly called BFRs) Musk put great expectations. Rocket to Mars in 2022 to deliver two cargo transportation, which will serve for the creation of the first sources of electricity and food. By 2024 the planet was to be ready for the first residents.

Otherwise Musek plans do not always occur as planned, but we are still confident that the colonization of Mars just a matter of time.

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