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ESPN: Manchester United are willing to pay the item Oblak


Manchester United interest cloud Spanish media have already written about it recently signed a new contract with Atletico Madrid, which has Škofjeločan pledged allegiance to 2023, but the fact that his article repurchase 100 million more than only $ 120 million, from the & # 39 is namigovalo, that Slovenians future, perhaps, NOT sealed to the Metropolitano stadium Wanda and red and white T-shirt.


Now click Redemption must be prepared to pay the English giant, unnamed sources have confirmed ESPN FC, The United States will "suras & # 39; ozna think" about Slovenia reprezentantu, according to US media giant, but these rumors with a & # 39 appeared after a few bad performances in the first goal in the Manchester club David de GeeWhich in recent weeks, with some errors have contributed significantly to the failure of the Champions League Manchester United and fight for fourth or third place in the Prem & # 39; er League.

Investments will continue to be paid
"Leadership in Unitedu believe that, despite this amount (redemption clause of 120 million euros, Op. A.) Investments in more highly paid players, because they have one of the best in the world in his position"reports ESPN FC.

28-year-old De Gea, himself a former member of Atletico Madrid, in which four of the last five seasons, has won fans for most of the season on the contract has another year and, at least, already on the verge of relegation Real Madrid. Recent weeks have been for Madrilènes catastrophic, as a new bug, this time in the village League with Chelsea (1: 1) to contribute, may already be fatal misstep of his club in the hunt for places that are leading the premiership & # 39; er League in the group stage of the Champions League.

"Cloud in a similar situation, as Antoine Griezmann & # 39;
"Cloud last chance to join Liverpool, the interest was also in Chelsea. Slovenian national team is still always prefer to choose the option that remained in Atleticu » They are written in ESPN FC.

"Nevertheless, it is not extended his contract with Atletico until 2023, including the increase, resources for ESPN FC said that a cloud in a similar situation, as a teammate Antoine Griezmann, and that he would like the arrival of the maximum possible number of top players to be easily measured with Barcelona, ​​and is likely to strengthen the Real. It is believed that Atletico cloud remained only club that plays in the Champions League. It Unitedu far from complete, the team Ole Gunnar Solskjaerja two games before the end of the session in sixth place, after the last of the nine possible points won only one. "

The US is also linked to the offensive midfielder a red-and-white, and the Spanish national team player salt NiguezomOffer redemption Whose is 150 million euros, while midfielder Atleticovega Rodrigo Hernandez City woos rival "Enemies" of Manchester City. In the summer contracts expire from the key past last season Urugvajcu Diego godinuover Brazilian Filipeju Luisand sleep Juanfranu TorresAt the intersection of the French national team Lucas Hernandez in Bavaria, he for some time has been officially confirmed.

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