Wednesday , April 1 2020
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Firefox for Android Numbered Days


Mobile web browser Mozilla Firefox will soon be replaced by Mozilla Fenix.Mobile web browser Mozilla Firefox will soon be replaced by Mozilla Fenix.

When browsing the web on your Smart mobile phone or Android tablet, possibly using Google Chrome mobile web browser, This offer is in the first place rather browse the web for less powerful devices, the operation uses very little processing power and memory. However, since the mobile web browser Firefox Competitive Android Chrome can not live up to the organization Mozilla namely, I decided long ago that he would be replaced by a new mobile browser for Android, which is produced by the project Fenix.

According to gossip website, the organization must Mozilla all of its assets are focused on the development of Fenix ​​mobile browser. According to current forecasts, mobile users Mozilla Android my 14 and 9 June of this year, has proposed moving a mobile web browser, Firefox 67 and Firefox 68, it will cease to develop and introduce new features in Firefox for Android. It will actually only receive emergency fixes for software defects and security updates you need.

This will allow Mozilla programmers to fully concentrate on the development of mobile web browser Fenix. That would be the end users of Android mobile devices that are available for download until the autumn of this year, although the official figures, at least not yet available.

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