Wednesday , May 12 2021

FOR are complete mobile insta girls (+5 good reasons to buy) – Only for you

Elegant and fashionable design

If you are on Instagram, then you must have learned that you can buy Mate 20 Pro in three colors: midnight blue, black and (very popular) Twilight color.

Because of the color of Mate 20 Pro, it immediately falls into the eye, because it feels different from other phones.

In addition to crazy colors, it will also impress the screen as good as 16 cm. It extends along the front surface and offers clear, colorful images in high resolution.

You will read it without problems, watch your favorite series, edit your photos and play games. In addition, the phone is surrounded by sturdy yet elegant glass that smoothly rounds along the edges.

Camera that moves limits

The Huawei P20 series camera system is enhanced with this ultra-wide-angle lens. With that, you will be able to capture a broader perspective from the surroundings and add spaciousness and three-dimensional effects to the photo.

You can also create a new camera system very serious macro photo or close-up photos, because it allows making photos of sharp objects, when they are only 2.5 centimeters from the building.

Do you know what you eat?

This camera has other powerful features besides, other useful new things. With the help of artificial intelligence and the advanced EMUI 9.0 user interface, running on the Android P operating system, it tells you how much energy the food you want to eat.

Simply paint your plate and artificial intelligence recognizes the type and quantity of food and calculates its energy value. Cool, isn't it?

Artificial intelligence

Make your life easier too with artificial intelligence. Using the AI ​​Portrait Color mode, you adjust the color, saturation and luminosity of the image, making it easy to change the atmosphere on the recording.

With the help of artificial intelligence, your phone will also automatically use the system's telephone resources to ensure it runs smoothly and smoothly at all times.

But the cellphone will be able to unlock the cellphone with your face.

The advanced 3D recognition system quickly and safely recognizes your face in just 0.6 seconds. For this purpose, a front-mounted 3D depth camera is used, which is able to accurately find out your facial features.

And me … now you can fill your cellphone with your friends too

The new Mate Pro 20 already supports fast charging via a charger, fast wireless charging, and it also has new things that are very useful.

Reverse wireless charging allows you to use your phone as a rechargeable battery.

In this way, you can charge your friends with other devices that support wireless charging through Qi standards.

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