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Junk food odklenkalo! But the most stringent regulations in the world


At the end croissants, french fries and burekov? Since April, it will be forbidden to market and manufacture products with a high level of trans fat.

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On seventh day of April, it will prohibit the sale of food products containing more than two grams industrially added trans-fat per 100 grams of fat. Products exceeded the limit will be in circulation that 12 months from the date of entry into force of the rules, then these products and raw materials withdrawn from sale. What does this mean for companies, businesses and consumers, we asked the Institute of Nutrition in Ljubljana. "These products can be made so that they do not exceed the quantity of dangerous trans fats. For manufacturers with qualified staff for the most part should not be sur & # 39; oznay problem. In Denmark, the limit trans fats in food products a decade ago, consumers of this transition did not even notice. The most significant change for producers & # 39 is that they avoid the use of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils " She explains Dr. Igor Pravst, Head of the research team.

What are trans fats?

Trans fats are found naturally present in some foods of animal origin such as meat and milk, but the amount of fat in food is very low. This unsaturated fatty acids that the body of these values ​​even useful. They are found in vegetable oils (rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil, olive oil), and nuts. Also low resistance, they & # 39 are impractical in terms of technology, so they began to acquire by partial hydrogenation. Thus, long-term resistance, but unfortunately, it also increased the content of trans-fatty acids, which rises to 15 percent. The most famous products Transfats margarine, but the technology today has developed various methods of cultivation and began margarine with very little trans-fatty acids. The problem still remains in margarine intended for catering, confectionery, bakery products, where it still grows on outdated and less expensive process, so it makes sense to avoid the mainly industrial products – biscuits, waffles and baked goods – croissants, wafers, cake …

strict rules

As it is written in the Institute of Nutrition, the policy that will be implemented more stringent regulations in the world. This will not only intervene in the area of ​​food, but also in the raw materials used in food production, and will also act as for packaged and pre-packed food, including food in public catering.

Like smoking 10 cigarettes a day

Daily intake of trans fats, according to, because when we consume daily five grams of trans fats the same number of five to 10 cigarettes is quite dangerous Institute ,. The result from the & # 39 is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. "This measure is a very important step in the field of public health. On the one hand, protects even those consumers in selecting foods do not pay their composition, on the other hand, will not limit their choice " said Pravst.

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