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Laundry future in space


The machine can be used as the carbon dioxide produced during respiration and may be under pressure to convert the liquid. Photo: Pixabay

"For future missions to the Moon and other interplanetary missions RKK energy the development of the washing machine in the Universe " Message Company on Friday.

Already in 2017 with the & # 39 are precisely researchers from the companies in this article, presented plans for a washing machine that can work on the International Space Station (ISS). Forth Earth every year to send about 660 kilograms clothes, Because of the limited amount of water clothes It can not be washed off, but three or four days, the use of discarded so as to provide them with new ones.

The article explained that this will be the development of the machine significantly reduce the need for clothing and sanitary supplies.

Scientists from one of the Moscow institutes were announced last year, while the development of showers and saunas for astronauts and equipment for washing hands and washing machine. In addition, NASA is funding the development of methods for washing clothes in a space without water and the antimicrobial clothesThat would be the astronauts can wear longer.

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