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Natalie Portman will twist hammer Second


Thor, the Norse god of the planet of Asgard, was created in the representation of the legendary comic book creator Stan Lee. As a superhero, his first with the & # 39; appeared in Marvel comics in 1962. Thor was a well-known actor Chris Hemsvort now this brilliant hammer also shakes a woman.

Natalie Portman will twist hammer SecondPHOTO: Industrial

Molnira legendary hammer can only be called the Great torus, so the film is very surprise Conspiracy: Conclusion Captain America also deceived, as the hammer in the hands of only those who are worth it, but the elected person must have great physical strength. It is obvious that someone else should see the famous hammer – Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) The former second girl, whom we last saw in 2013 Thor: Dark World and in the past short-sightedness of believers – in fact, it was a hint of the future, because in San Diego, on the famous Comic-Con, the creators have shown that the film is where Jane will again play an important role.

The film has already received the name – Thor: Love and thunder, While on the canvas, is expected to come in November 2021. It is unknown how Jane will raise the hammer. But if we look at the bar, a hammer "zahopiv" Thor from the time when he was no longer on the hammer. In the film, he will naturally be playing again Chris Hemsvortand returns Tessa Thompson how Valkiry.

Of course, this is not the only surprise Comic-Zone area that concerns the world Marvel. There is also a continuation of such as Black Panther, Blade, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, The Fantastic Four, The Black Widow, and eternal, where it will also play. Angelina Jolie, There are also Disney +, inkjet platform that will make the world a series of Marvel (WandaVision, Loki, What if …?, Hockey, Falcon and the Winter Soldier …). There is nothing the world of Marvel huge, enough material, fans …

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