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Netta: Calls to boycott Tel Aviv spread evil thoughts


Netta Barzilai, who pinned Israel last victory at the biggest musical song contest toyOn Monday said the foreign media, which calls for a boycott of the competition away from its primary purpose, which is on the same stage, to bring together representatives of different races and beliefs. She added that should those who do not support the conclusion of this event in Israel to renounce their beliefs.

After Nettinih said that it is very important that the representatives of different countries stand on the same stage, regardless of religion, ethnicity or skin color. Photo: Reuters
ISRAEL: Netta – Toy

The question of whether to perform a Palestinian, the Netta said: "I was not invited. But if my performance has helped to solve the problem, it will be done. " But the singer declined to comment on the upcoming elections in Israel, according to which for the fifth time in a row as the head of the government won the right-wing leader Benjamin Netanyahu. "When I showed my political beliefs, tear the heart, instead of combining" she said.

In late January, a group of artists, among them Roger Waters and Peter Gabriel, calling for a boycott of the event or its relocation to another country. In a letter published on the BBC, he wrote, that should take place in the Eurovision tunes inclusion and celebration of diversity, Israel's occupation of the West Bank and the Golan Heights unsolved. "We can not ignore the systematic Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights" They are provided.

Conflicting answers are triggered also predict that in the final on May 18 Madonna met. Many superstars are invited to rise to the reasons already set out is not possible.

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