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New developments in vaccination this year


Regulation on the establishment of a vaccination program and the protection of medicinal products for 2019 which came into force on Saturday, has several new features. Among other things, he introduces the recommended vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis for children, which will be completed this year, three years, and for adults, which will complement the 49 years. It will be funded by compulsory insurance.

One innovation program & # 39 is that the current vaccine for infants, which protects against five diseases (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and Haemophilus influenzae have) been replaced by a new vaccine that protects against further infection of hepatitis B vaccine hexavalent the vaccine will be mandatory for children born since October 2019 As can be seen from the program, children will be the first time that vaccination is carried out in 2020, was three months of age.

Now pediatricians against five diseases, namely infants immunized with three doses in the first year of life, the fourth dose, up to two years, while the children are vaccinated against hepatitis B before entering school in the first grade.

The vaccination program brings a few other changes. Splitting a program for students is changing so that in this category add young people under the age of 26 years. This will allow to balance the rights and obligations in relation to the vaccination of school children and students with the same old adolescents and adults not attending school before the age of 26 years.

The program is currently recommended vaccination with three doses of TBE in children, which will be completed this year, three years, and adults who are on the & # 39 are united in this year 49 years old. will be funded vaccination of them at the expense of the compulsory health insurance, it is clear from the vaccination program.

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