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On Monday, the police has helped guard the border 35 more troops


On Monday, the armed forces of Slovenia will send 35 more soldiers to help police protect the state border. They will work in mixed patrols and observatories in the police administration area of ​​Koper and to use surveillance equipment, as well as armored vehicles.

Police appealed to the Slovenian Army (SV) to get additional help in guarding the border in the area of ​​police management Koper, where this year they are faced with an increase in illegal border crossings. Therefore, the prime minister's & # 39; -Minister March & # 39; yang Shorets announced a larger presence in the border police officers and soldiers, and the police also got technical equipment, such as border control drone.

Forecasts of additional accommodation of soldiers come true, as police leaders and CB agreed to send to the police 35 more soldiers to help police guard the state border on Monday. As reported in the SV, the soldiers will be positioned to strengthen the police forces in the broader area of ​​police administration of Koper. At work, they will use most of the money that SV has in their use of surveillance equipment to armored vehicles. Every day, in mixed patrols and observatories, the unit will help block SV at strengthening the company.


Incredible video of migrants in the middle of the coastal forest

The military are involved in solving the problems of migrants on the basis of a government resolution from October 2015 and help to protect the border with February 2016. Since then, until July 10 this year, CB sent 78,209 visits participated in nearly 51,000 patrols.

Lesbos, refugees | Author: EPA


According to SV, they respond to the requests of the police for more support of state border protection, prevention of illegal migration. Tasks performed by the leather in support of the police, initially included participation in mixed patrols in the regions of the individual police administrations in the wider state border.

Since November 2015, they participated in the construction and maintenance of temporary technical bar & # 39; erav with the police, and with October 2018 they observe a larger area of ​​the state border with the team and drones. A total of Slovenian armed forces have used 141,302 times in support of the police and transported almost five million kilometers. In addition, the SAF staff to install and maintain approximately 160 km of temporary technical bar & # 39; barriers, they added.

In addition, CB supported the decision of the situation of migrants in the Administration for Protection and Rescue of the Republic of Slovenia. civil defense during the waves of refugees that staff carrying leather, provide, protect and regulyuvav reception center and residence, as well as preparing and discussing food.

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