Pathological dependence on "crazy relationships"


I am sure that many of you have met a fatal woman, who mixed your head, the one above, and the lower one. Who is a fatal woman?

decisive woman


All fatal women are not provided with a mechanism to defend themselves against themselves.

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Melita Kuhar, social workers graduating from universities and graduate social workers

They are women who don't even know how beautiful or obedient they are, but they have some crazy magnetism, which they usually don't realize, and the magnetism of this man works crazy.

It is true that every eye has malaria and that the definition of a fatal woman is almost the same as that of men. Of course, women in such women are usually more jealous and jealous of their popularity in male sex.


But do you think that all fatal women are equipped with mechanisms that defend themselves against themselves? Can they manage their feelings and perceptions, who they are as personalities and individuals, if they have many fans?

Many women like that break up and cannot bear the burden of admiration. That sounds impossible, right? Believe that I know some smart and attractive women who are admired by many men, but because they don't believe in their inner strength and don't have a good self-image (even though they are extraordinary beauty), they are looking for an attractive partner, but very bad in men who are unable to establish healthy love relationships.


Over time, such relationships have changed from fatal love and dependence to each other in hysteria and encouragement. The more women rebel and the more they want from that man to give them peace, the more men eat in them and not hear that their lives won't hear them anymore. But because they are accustomed to having someone who is very interested in their image at their fingertips, they simply cannot accept the fact that their daughter does not want them to be happy and satisfied one day, and on the second day they are silly and runny.

"Crazy attitude" is a relationship where the couple is treated badly and misled, but others cannot do it. This is a pathological relationship where the emotion of real and real love is absent. Instead of these romantic and romantic feelings, such partners are in control of manipulation, lies, and the absence of socially regulated mechanisms. You allow everything and depend on it. If one partner realizes that, at the same time, intensifying the relationship is no longer able to survive, and wants to get out of such a relationship, other people will do everything to look after it. The way to achieve this goal is unlimited, so the argument can hardly be trusted.


Many couples like that, however, cannot function in the long run, somehow a decay relationship, but the consequences are felt by both of them for a very long time, they can also be emotionally irreversible and will always look for such pathological relationships.

What we can do is, in the human realm, to explore and search for words that cannot be reached. Fatalka is those who are difficult to achieve. However, everyone has the right to choose, but how he chooses is his decision. We are different people, right?


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