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Ronaldo should be deducted for the Bugatti 11 million net of tax


Portuguese football with & # 39; reality Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to soon become the owner of the Bugatti prestigious, unique car of the French company, for which the 34-year-old Juventus deducted expected no less than eleven million. Without tax. Portuguese with a & # 39 is a prestigious French car manufacturer fell in love with during his visit to the salon in Geneva.

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Cristiano Ronaldo & # 39 is a great lover of luxury cars.PHOTO: AP

French manufacturer Bugatti presented a few months ago (potentially) the most expensive car in the world. In accordance with the instructions.Cristiano Ronaldo known lover and collector of luxury car brands.

"Black car" the younger brother of the former 57 SC Atlantic. It is the year 1936 and one thousand nine hundred thirty-eight only four produced.

His personal garage, already rich in a variety of luxury brands, offers an unparalleled product. According to Madrid march, Footballer Juventus will become the future owner of the Bugatti «La VOITURE Noire», or the latest product "black car" was a well-known manufacturer of prestigious cars. The latest known company product were presented at the Geneva where it also fell for Bugatti form Ronaldo. "The prestigious Geneva Motor Show coincides with the 110th anniversary of the French company. The car, which was (in) orders Ronaldo & # 39 is one of the world, others will not be issued. But be careful, however, the Portuguese were waiting for him for a year or two, to accommodate all the details. Ronaldo has already breathed deadly. The sum of eleven million euros excluding tax will easily cover"Among other things, Madrid march, "Our story is not based on the franchise, but also responsibility. Our new Bugatti in our view, a mixture of aesthetics, luxury and distinctive technology"But who says Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann.

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